How To Pleasure A Woman


The drive for sex is definitely one of the most basic natural urges in a human being. In fact, Freud even went onto link everything in life with libidinal or sexual energy. Scientists contend that human beings are the only living species that has sex for pleasure. Indeed, our bodies are formed in such a way that we are capable of reaching unimaginable levels of pleasure through sex.

Pleasure A Woman

But this can happen only with the right knowledge. Now, most men often feel clueless about how to pleasure a woman. They want to give their best and satisfy their female partners as much as possible but are not always able to do so. This is where the need to cultivate their knowledge of the female body and female psyche arises.

For most women sex is directly linked with emotions. They cannot feel sexually satisfied if their emotional needs are not met. Make sure that you love and fondle your partner as much as you can in your daily life. She would certainly respond with a sizzling hot attitude in bed. Express your love and affection to her in different ways. Like, you can leave a hidden note in her purse telling how much you appreciate having her in your life.

You should also focus on creating a romantic atmosphere. Play some soft music, spray her favorite perfume in the room and on yourself, light some scented candles. Also, make sure that the bed sheet is soft and comfortable. Take a bath and wear the shirt she likes most on you. When she steps into the house, she would really feel special and important. Emotional nourishment is very important for women.

Foreplay is very important for arousing a woman. Be gentle and loving with her body. Speak in a seductive tone about how beautiful every part of her body is and how it leaves you craving for her. Tell her you love the fragrance of her skin. Shower every part of her body with kisses. Just make sure you do it delicately and lovingly. Love is definitely the greatest aphrodisiac for a woman.

be romantic

Right stimulation of earlobes can give intense pleasure. Kiss her earlobes and then gently start nibbling at it. Suck it gently till you hear her moaning with pleasure. Keep your hands moving on her body while you pleasure her on the earlobes. Also, breasts are pleasure mounds.

Gently squeeze and massage them. Suck them gently and then very hard. Make sure that you constantly keep asking her if she is enjoying or not. Paying attention to her body language is also very important. See how her body reacts when you pleasure it in a certain way. You should responds accordingly because different women get different amount of pleasure from the hot spots.

Make her lie down and then start kissing her entire torso starting from her forehead. Gently keep sliding down allowing her to feel your weight a little. Kiss her till her navel and then move to her thighs. Plant a kiss on her vagina but do not pleasure it yet. Allow her to get more aroused. Tell her that she has beautiful thighs (most women hate their thighs) and caress it with your lips.

After you think she is aroused a lot, you can move to her vagina. You can check how aroused she is by getting a feel of the wetness in that region. If it is still dry then it means she is not aroused at all. In that care, you will have to check what you might have been doing wrong. The best way to find that out is not by reading another article or book but by initiating a frank conversation with your partner.

Now, the most important pleasure organ in a woman’s body is the clitoris. It is a small piece of flesh between the vaginal lips. It might seem hard to believe (considering the size) but the clitoris can help take your partner to the climax of pleasure. If you care about making your partner reach orgasm then make sure you do your best to stimulate her clitoris.

Kiss the lips of her vagina and then start gently kissing her clitoris. Take it inside your mouth and stimulate with your tongue. The clitoris is a very delicate organ, therefore, do not use your teeth at all. Give it as gentle a stimulation as possible. You can also masturbate her with your finger while your mouth is pleasuring her clitoris.

Scientists say that simultaneous internal and external stimulation is enough to drive a woman absolutely crazy. But then again do not blindly follow all these suggestions. Pay attention to her body language. Noone or no article can tell you better than that. Do everything the way it pleases her.

Have intercourse only when she is ready for it and cannot resist not having you inside her. You may wonder why wait so long but this patience would definitely be worthwhile. Make sure that she is comfortable in the posture you choose for intercourse.

Now, one of the biggest mistakes men make is sleeping after intercourse. It is true that hormones are released that make men drowsy after sex but do not let it overpower you. It is after sex that women are most emotional.

dont sleep

They look for cuddling and sweet talk. Try to enjoy this time with her by lying naked in bed with your skin touching hers. Keep kissing and fondling her. It is also very loving to run your fingers through her hair.

Talk to her about something nice and make her feel good about herself and the relationship you both share. It is also the best time to learn about what she enjoyed the most during the entire sexual act.

You can take it as an opportunity to better yourself for the next time. You can also perk up your sex life by using some props. Like pour some chocolate syrup on her nipple and lick it away. May be, you can take an ice cube and rub gently on her lips. Alternate it by kissing her deeply.