How To Prevent and Treat Bedsores


If one is not able to reposition oneself in the bed, then it is highly likely that there will be bedsores, which are ulcers that develop on the skin. These are wound like and their immediate treatment is absolutely necessary.


There are many reasons that have been attributed to bedsores. Bedsores occur because of the pressure on the skin and if the skin becomes thin and frail. They are mostly formed where the bones tend to apply pressure on the skin and tissue and squeeze them hard against the bed.

Apply pressure

This does not allow oxygen or nutrients to reach that area and hence the bedsores are formed. Also, if you do not have a healthy intake of protein, Vitamin C and E, Calcium or Zinc, then there is a huge possibility of bedsores getting developed.

Protein and vitamin C

There are many ways to prevent bedsores and the first way to do it is by changing your position every two hours. When lying on the back, place pillow under your heels to keep them up. Ensure that the sitting posture is always correct. Also make sure that the skin is clean and dry.

Lying on the back

The use of water beds and water filled cushions will help reduce the instances of bedsores. Let the diet be healthy and includes Vitamin C, E along with proteins and minerals. In case any red areas develop on the skin, you do not have to massage them. Use sheepskin pads to prevent abrasion in the joints.

Sheepskin pads

In an event of bedsores being witnessed, the treatment should be started immediately to avoid infection to the sores and to prevent the infections from getting more serious. In case of mild bedsores, relieving pressure from the areas of the body where the sores have developed is of great help. Ensure that the sore area is clean and is not moist to prevent any infection.

Relieving pressure

There is also a procedure called debridement where the wound is cleaned by removing the dead tissues. However, the deeper dead sores require skin grafting or plastic surgery. Finally there is the maggot therapy where medicinal maggots are used to clean the wound by dissolving the dead tissue, disinfecting the wound and stimulating healing.

Maggot therapy