How To Prevent From Scar


Scarring, on our face or other parts, may occur due to a list of several reasons. These reasons include improper care for the face, improper handling of the facial ailments (like acne, etc.) and some natural reasons, whereas the scar may occur after the healing of a certain ailment.


Scars from some of these ailments can be prevented from the start, by taking them seriously and treating them with proper medications. Please don’t go around picking on the wound/acne; this is one of the main reasons for the ‘arrival’ of scars.

If one’s wondering why one should be healing, or minimizing the scar, it is no unknown fact that scars can sometimes put a heavy blow on your confidence, as they are ugly and unsightly. There are some ways to prevent, and heal the wounds or scars.

Whatever prevention and healing steps, that are to be taken, should be taken immediately after the wound has been received, or in the case of acne, when its treatment begins.


If it’s a cut, you’re dealing with, wash the cut with cold water (depending on the means of cut) and then apply on the wound some kind of antibiotic ointment, which will help the skin stay smooth and prevent any wear and tear on it.

Depending on the severity of the wound, notice when the wound has started to heal itself, i.e. the skin is growing back. When this is happening, apply some petroleum preserves;this will help control the growth of that extra amount of collagen, which after the wound heals, stay back to form the scar.

Let The Body Heal Itself

Our body is meant to heal its own wounds; so even if you don’t apply much of external medications, with the help of a few things, our body will be able to heal the wound.

The scar is the skin, replaced by a fibrous/ injured tissue; it’s still part of the skin. So, drink lots of water, which will help the skin to hydrate itself and have a faster growth of skin cells.

consume water

Herbal Aid

Nature has always been the one to extend her arm to help the children of earth. The same is the situation with scars. There are several natural forms of aid to fade away, lighten the scars.

Aloe Vera is one such herb; when applied on the fresh wound it helps the wound not to form scars and speeds up the process of healing.

A little of lemon juice, on the scar/wound, will act as a bleaching agent and will help to lighten the scar (make it less visible).

The oil of Lavender and tea tree also will help you to make the scars lightened. Apply and massage these on the scar, to lighten it.

oil of Lavender

Other Remedies

Other remedies which may help to lighten the scar and make it less visible includes a home made remedy, and Vitamin E.

In a bowl, bring together yogurt, oatmeal and sour cream (you may also add 4-5 drops of lemon in it). Stir the mixture and when done, apply this mixture on the acne scars. Yes, this is one method to remove the acne scars that have pestered you for so long.

The application of Vitamin E oil to the wounds/scar also helps to remove scar. Put Vitamin E on a cotton (you may also apply a bit of Aloe Vera gel on the cloth), and apply on the scar everyday.

Aloe vera