How To Remove Acrylic Nails


Acrylic nails cover your weak and fragile nails. While these artificial nails are a boon to people with discolored nails, certain circumstances might prompt you to remove the fake nails from your finger.

Acrylic Nails

You might visit the nail technician who had placed the fake nails over your real nails to aid nail removal. You can even do it yourself.

Ingredients for removing acrylic nails

The most important substance needed for removing the fake nails is known as acetone. Acetone is the key ingredient in nail polish removers. You can even purchased pure acetone from a cosmetics store. You will also need some moisturizer.

You can use petroleum jelly or olive oil. Cotton balls, Nail clipper, nail buffer, nail filer, orange nail stick, water and a glass bowl are other important items needed for removing acrylic nails.

olive oil

Acrylic nail removal process

Find a comfortable work area where you can remove the acrylic nail. Cover the surface of the work area with a newspaper and a plastic bag. Cut the acrylic nail as short as possible, without injuring the natural nail or the skin.

Pour acetone-based nail polish remover in a glass bowl.
Acetone tends to dry the skin. To prevent the skin on your finger from becoming excessively dry, coat the skin around your finger with moisturizer, olive oil or petroleum jelly. However, do not apply the moisturizer on the nail.

The protective layer of petroleum jelly or moisturizer on the fake nail will prevent the acetone from dissolving the glue that attaches the acrylic nail to the natural nail.

acetone-based remover

Soak your finger in the acetone-based nail polish remover for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Instead of dipping your fingers in the nail polish remover, you can place cotton ball soaked in acetone on the acrylic nail. Wrap your fingertip with an aluminum foil or plastic wrap. After about twenty minutes, remove the wraps and cotton ball from the finger.

Gently scrape the acrylic nail with the orange nail stick. The fake nail might not come off easily. Re-soak your nail in the nail polish remover for several minutes to remove the acrylic completely from your finger.

After removing the acrylic nail, wash your natural nail with soap and water and hydrate the nail with a suitable moisturizer.