How To Remove Blackheads From Nose

Face is indeed the most important part of our body and any kind of flaw in it only appears magnified. Among many problems that can mar the beauty of your pretty face, blackheads is one of the commonest. Now, chances are you are one of those women who have tried almost every product on the supermarket shelf

only to end up disheartened and disappointed. No matter how lofty the promises being made to you are, it is a simple fact that most of these products just don’t work (including those horrible blackheads removal strips). And there is a good reason as to why these products fail to deliver the very results they promise.

It is important to understand the anatomy and the cause of blackheads. Blackheads are a form of acne and are caused by excessive oil production. The excessive oil gets trapped in the pores of the nose and further oxidation of the oil caught in the pores causes the appearance of a substance that looks like fine black hair. Indeed, this is what we call blackheads.

Now, the most important question that arises is how to remove these nagging blackheads? Well, it is not going to be easy but time, patience and perseverance would certainly render results.

To start with, make sure that you keep your skin squeaky clean at all times. It would be great to make your own cleanser at home by taking a teaspoon of fullers’ earth, half a teaspoon of lemon peel powder, two drops each of tea tree oil and sandalwood oil each and a pinch of turmeric. Mix all these in raw milk and apply to your damp face. Massage into the skin for two-three minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. This face cleanser has excellent anti-bacterial properties and it also tightens skin while soothing the pores.

It is important to gently peel the skin in the region afflicted with blackheads. For this prepare a gentle scrub by taking a tablespoon of powdered almonds, a teaspoon of orange peel powder, mashed papaya and a pinch of turmeric. Mix all of these together to form a thick paste. Apply this pack to your skin everyday before retiring to bed and then wash off with lukewarm water.Very soon you would notice phenomenal improvement in your skin.