How To Treat Acne On Extra-Sensitive Skin


The people having an extra sensitive skin, if affected by acne, then it is a grave problem for them; as most of the medications available over the counter, may have bad effects on their skin.

Treat acne

It is a studied fact that almost 20% of the woman folk, around the world, have sensitive skin. It is also seen that, the ones with this sensitive skin are more prone to skin infections and conditions as the skin is more delicate.

It is very hard to find a medication that works on acne without hindering the skin. So, before applying the medication on the whole face, try a small area of the skin first, say behind the ear. If, after a day or two, of being exposed to the medication, the skin stays unhindered, you’re good to go.


It is seen that Natural, Herbal, remedies work much better than the over the counter medications, in case of sensitive skin. So even if the person doesn’t have the help of medication, there’s a world of other medications one may use to get relief from acne, in spite of having a sensitive skin.

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Drinking plenty of water helps to seal the fate of many ailments of our body; acne is no exception. Drink plenty of water to wash away the dirt and maintain a proper balance between the levels of oil and water in the body.

Drinking plenty of water

Green leafy vegetables, with a high content of Vitamin A, are advised for the individuals pestered with acne and having sensitive skin.

Green vegetables

The inclusion of Omega 3 fatty acid and a high content of zinc in your diet is also a way you can help your skin recover from acne, and get over the irritations caused by the medication you’re using. Omega 3 fatty acids can be, famously, found in fishes.

Take omega 3 fatty acid

Try to cut down on the amount of caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates and fat you’re taking in through your diet.

Usage of Products

The usage of different products, for the treatment of acne, must be checked and tested. Use the toners, moisturizers and cleansers which have been marked ‘hypoallergenic’.

Use the toners

These products are not harsh on the skin, and don’t tend to stay in the pores for a long time. The use of products having Salicylic acid is also recommended; it is much gentler on an extra-sensitive skin.

Salicylic acid

Try and keep away from the make-up products that you can see has a high level of oil content in them. If you’re unable to find a product which is not free of the chemicals mentioned above, use the one which has the least amount of Benzyl peroxide.

Avoid makeup products

Usage of Cold Water

Use plain cold water to wash the face (splash water and do not rub on the face). 2-3 times a day is enough, do not do more times as then it may leave the skin dry and compel the skin to produce more oil, which will hamper the situation more.

In addition to all these measures, try to avoid getting under the sun too often. Also, if the situation is not improving, visit the dermatologist fast, and get an expert’s opinion.

Use cold water