How To Treat Acne With Oatmeal


Got acne? Worried about the condition of your skin? Acne is a skin problem which causes irritation and inflammation on skin. Freckles, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples on the skin are a few symptoms associated with acne.

Treat Acne With Oatmeal

The problem of acne mainly occurs when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce more oil than required. In order to treat acne, it is vital to control oil production on the skin. Instead of opting for commercial lotions and products to get rid of acne, it is recommended to follow natural remedies.

The best natural remedy to cure acne is to make use of oatmeal based products and masks on the skin. Oatmeal can be used in raw or cooked form for treating acne. The skin would be rejuvenated and refreshed with the help of use of oatmeal based mask, scrub, and solution on skin. Here, we shall discuss how oatmeal can be used for treating acne effectively.

Ways To Treat Acne With Oatmeal

Oatmeal Solution

An oatmeal solution prepared by combining ground oatmeal with lukewarm water, when applied on the affected areas of the skin would help in treating acne successfully.

The solution should be patted on the skin liberally and gently, making sure not to rub the skin while applying the solution, so that the skin does not get irritated.

oatmeal solution

Oatmeal Mask

An oatmeal mask is prepared by cooking some amount of oatmeal as per the instructions given on the package. This mask is then applied on the face in order to get rid of acne successfully.

The mask should be removed when it becomes dry and slightly crusty. Lukewarm water should be used to remove the mask from the face.

oatmeal mask

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Oatmeal Scrub

A scrub made with oatmeal would help in treating acne in an effective way. Uncooked oatmeal should be combined with tepid water, and then massaged in a very gentle way on the face.

All the dead skin cells would be eliminated with the help of using oatmeal based scrub on the face. Revitalized and rejuvenated skin would be obtained with the help of using this oatmeal based scrub on the skin twice or thrice in a week.

The above described oatmeal based products should be used on the skin regularly, if you want your skin to become acne free. A radiant glow would be attained on the skin with the help of use of oatmeal based facial products.

Apart from making use of oatmeal to treat acne, it is also important to drink lot of water daily so as to detoxify the body and get rid of the bacteria which result in acne. Further, it is vital to pay attention to the diet plan you follow.

Your diet should consist of healthy foods like fresh fruits and green vegetables. All kinds of junk foods and oily foods should be eliminated from the diet to get rid of acne.

With the help of regular use of oatmeal masks or scrubs and following a healthy diet program, you would be capable of getting rid of your acne problem in a successful and effective way.

oatmeal scrub