How To Treat Appendicitis With Natural Remedies


Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of your appendix which occurs when its opening leading to the cecum gets blocked. The blockage usually occurs due to accumulation of thick mucus inside the appendix, or entering of stool from the cecum into the appendix.

Treat Appendicitis

This stool or mucus gets hardened and becomes rock-solid, and blocks up the opening of the appendix. This solid build-up is known as fecalith. Another reason behind blockage of appendix is swelling of lymphatic tissue.

After blockage, bacteria start infecting the appendix wall and as a response to this invasion, the body counter-attacks the bacteria through inflammation.

Though the condition can be quite painful, a number of natural remedies exist which can help to treat the problem of appendicitis right in the comfort of your home.

Green Gram Treat Appendicitis

Green gram is known be an effective remedy for treating appendicitis. The patient suffering from the problem of appendicitis should take it thrice a day, but not more than a teaspoon in a single sitting. This remedy helps in relieving pain as well as in treating the infection.

Green gram

Fruit Juice Treat Appendicitis

Drinking fruit juice in abundant quantities will help you to treat the problem of appendicitis. In fact, you should start drinking it from the next day after you find out that you are suffering from appendicitis.

Fruits juice

Fenugreek Tea Treat Appendicitis

Prepare tea by adding a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds into cold water; allow it to simmer for about half hour on a low flame.

After this, let the tea cool down and then drink it. Fenugreek tea has been proven to be extremely effective in treating appendicitisas it does not allow the appendix to become the dumping ground for surplus mucus or intestinal waste.

Green gram

Other Appendicitis Remedies

After a gap of every 3-4 hours, make sure to drink a glass of water containing 3-4 drops of mint essence added to it.

Massage the abdominal region or the stomach with a mixture of ½ cup Soya oil and few drops garlic oil.

Drinking ginger tea after each meal helps in promoting digestion of the food. Similarly, a herbal tea preparation made using raspberry, blackberry, chamomile tea, and mint is extremely effective in treating indigestion, thus preventing build up of abdominal waste in the appendix.

To get instant relief from the pain caused due to appendicitis, drink a glass of water with some baking soda added to it.

Baking Soda

Soak a small towel in boiling water and press it on the painful area to give it a hot compress several times in a day. This would help in bringing relief to inflammation and cramps.

Massage the painful area using almond oil after your give yourself the hot compress. A large number of massage therapists also use almond oil as it helps in relieving pain as well as in calming the body.

Use an enema on a regular basis to cleanse your lower bowels. However, make sure to do it without causing too much stress to your body, especially the abdominal region. During first two day, use a partial enema with 1 pt. of water.

Use the above mentioned appendicitis remedies to treat the condition without the need for surgery.

almond oil