How To Treat Constipation Without Using Drugs


Constipation is a stomach related disorder which is defined as difficulty in passage of stool. It is a highly uncomfortable feeling in which the bowel movement does not take place in a proper manner. Inability to pass stools for less than three times in a week is identified as chronic constipation.


Stress, digestive problems, lactose intolerance, unhealthy diet, and restricted fluid intake are some of the causes of constipation. Laxatives are often prescribed to treat constipation.

However, it is always recommended to go for natural treatments before seeking medical help. There are several ways to relieve constipation naturally without the use of drugs. Five effective ways of treating constipation naturally without drugs have been discussed in the below section.

Ways To Relieve Constipation In 5 Ways Without Drugs

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is one of the main nutrients which would aid in dealing with the problem of constipation effectively and naturally. It is essential for the sufferer to increase the intake of fiber in the diet, so that bowel movement is facilitated.

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are very good natural sources of fiber and ought to be included in the diet for successful results with respect to treating constipation naturally. Apricots, beans, lettuce, and broccoli are a few examples which would help to relieve constipation.


Drink Plenty Of Water

With the help of keeping intestinal tract properly hydrated, the problem of constipation can be treated to a great extent. The hydration level can be promoted by ingesting ample amount of water daily.

An individual would notice immense improvement in the passage of stools with the aid of drinking around 8-10 glasses of water every day. The stools would become soft and the person would not find difficulty in passing stool by consuming lot of water regularly.

consume water


Moving your body would be of large assistance in keeping you in good health. You should engage in exercises like aerobics, dancing, walking, and running, so that you remain active. This would help in increasing intestinal contractions, subsequently easing bowel movement. The functioning of the intestines would be improved which would aid in dealing with digestive disorders successfully.


Include Supplements In Your Diet

Including fiber supplements in the diet would help to treat constipation naturally and effectually. It is suggested to take the supplements as directed by the physician so as attain maximum benefits.



Massage of the stomach might also prove to be helpful with regard to dealing with constipation. This treatment works better in case of children. The stomach should be massaged in a gentle way in order to boost up the intestinal movements, hence helping to relieve constipation.

All the natural treatments discussed above are regarded to be quite helpful with respect to easing constipation. These treatments are very safe and do not have side effects. If an individual does not attain much relief from the problem, then medical advice should be opted for.

Doctors would prescribe laxatives, which would help in providing quick relief. However, these laxatives may have side effects as they are enriched with chemicals. So, they should be opted as the last alternative for treating constipation.