5 Ways To Treat Hives Naturally


Hives is a type of skin disease, which can infect several parts of the body like face, legs, arms, back, chest, feet, etc.This disease is characterized by numerous painful red blisters all over the region.They are generally very ugly looking and itchy.

Treat Hives

However, there are several natural remedies prescribed for the treatment of hives. Although they are mostly safe, you should still consult a specialist before using any of these remedies. Some of them are listed below in the following article:

Benefits Of Water Baths 

A water bath containing anti-allergic substances can give great relief from skin itching and inflammations. Some of the beneficial remedies include oatmeal powder, baking soda, cornstarch, lavender juice, etc.

You can mix 2-3 tbsp of any of these ingredients in your water bath and relax in the solution for about 30 minutes. This can even help in cleansing and removing the damaged skin cells from the body.

Herbal baths

Benefits Of Natural Herbs

There is a huge collection of natural herbs suitable for the treatment of hives. These herbs can not only cure the infection but can also resist from future irruptions.

Aloe Vera gel is the most important natural remedy used for healing this infection. You should apply this gel for a couple of times daily for gaining better results.

Certain herbs like alfalfa, yellow dock, horsetail, Echinacea, nettles, etc. are found beneficial for curing red swollen patches and irritation caused by this infection. You can also use lemon balm and peppermint extracts in order to cool down the severe itching of the skin.

Certain herbs like chamomile, green tea, licorice, etc. can be consumed in order to fight with the infection internally.

natural herbs

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin-C is one of the most essential natural remedies used for the treatment of hives. It behaves like anti-histamine and therefore, prevents further swelling of the skin. Different kinds of foods are present, which contain Vitamin C. These include vegetables like- broccoli, capsicum, mustard greens, collard greens, cauliflower, etc. and fruits like- lemon, oranges, papaya, grapefruit, kiwi, etc. You can also consume vitamin-C supplements for better results.

Vitamin C

Avoid Stress To Treat Hives

Stress can be one of the reasons for hives infection. If not, it can accelerate the rate of hives formation. Therefore, you should try to lower down your stress level as mush as possible. You can use certain methods such as listening to soft music, meditation, breathing exercises and simple yoga exercises for relaxing your mind and body.


Avoid Allergic Items

You should avoid certain elements in order to keep yourself safe from further hives infection. For example,

You should not wear tight fitted synthetic clothes as they generate more sweat and irritation in the body. Tight fitted clothes cause friction with the skin and therefore, spread this infection to other areas.

You should also avoid certain allergy producing food items such as soybean, eggs, red meat, dairy products, seafood, etc. Other food items like alcoholic beverages, sweetened foods, frozen foods and spicy foods can also worsen the effects of hives infection.

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