How To Treat Mild Persistent Acne


Mild acnes are made of blackheads, pustules and whiteheads, etc. It occurs due to a list of reasons, like that of excess oil intake (and thus more oily excretion), accumulation of dirt, sweat, etc.Mild acne can also be triggered by some other factors such as bacteria, heredity, change in hormonal levels and also as a side effect of other medications.

As it is, pimples can ruin an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence, due to these mild acnes can even ruin the flow in one’s life. So the earlier you start, the early you may have them removed. Here are some ways you may adopt to treat the mild acne.

The only natural thing that you can do to treat mild acne is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants, which help in removing from your body excess dirt and oil, which are giving birth to the acnes in the first place.

Step One

Go and buy yourself an alcohol free face wash with the inclusion of benzoyl peroxide. Now wash the acne prone areas, of your face, with the help of the same face wash. This process will help remove the dead cells and skin oil, without harming or irritating the skin anyway that alcohol does. Repeat the process two times a day, preferably in the morning and after returning from the workplace.

Step Two

After you have washed your face with the mild face wash, pat your face skin dry.Do not scratch or rub with a towel, or likewise.Rubbing might instigate the growth of more acne. After this is done, if your face feels dry, apply a moisturizer which is oil free, which will not clog the pores and which is not made up of alcohol.

Step Three

When choosing any make-up products or hair products, choose the ones which are ‘non comedogenic’, ‘oil free’ or ‘non acnegenic’.

Step Four

When you have mild acne, you have to apply over the counter medication for the treatment of the same. So, visit the local medical shop and buy yourself a topical medicated cream or gel with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Step Five

Do no perform the routine for a couple of days(/weeks) and then give up on it to adopt another one. Be loyal to one type of treatment, for at least a month or two. You are bound to see some positive result.

Last words

When you are turning in for the day, or you have come back from wherever you were, and know that you will not go out that night anymore, wash the make-up off your face. Do not let any makeup clog your face pores through the night. The same goes with any clothing that you wear on your face; do not wear something, which suffocates the face pores and does not let your face ‘breathe‘.

If after a month or so, you are absolutely sure that the process is not working, visit the nearest dermatologist and get the mild acne checked. He/she will be able to provide the proper treatment which is best suited for your skin type.