How To Use Essential Oils For Skin Cleansers


Cleansing the skin is one of the vital skin care activities which should be performed twice every day. Regular skin cleansing would help in getting rid of all the dirt from the skin, thus helping to attain a beautiful and vibrant skin from deep inside.

Oils for skin

Also, the skin pores would not get clogged, if you cleanse your skin regularly. People often make use of commercially available skin cleansers to remove the dust and dirt from the skin. These commercial cleansers, no doubt, help in revitalizing the skin and removing the dust particles successfully.

However, due to presence of some chemicals in these products, a few people may have to face some side effects at times. The skin may get itchy or irritated at times due to regular use of chemically enriched cleansers. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the natural path as far as possible. The use of essential oils on the skin is considered to be the best way to keep the skin clean, clear, and glowing. Also, essential oils are quite cheap as compared to commercial cleansers, and do not have severe side effects, if used properly and with care.

So, instead of spending money on lotions and creams to keep your skin clean, you ought to select the safer and economical option of using essential oils like grapefruit oil, cinnamon oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, and rosemary oil for skin cleansing process. In this article, we are going to discuss about the steps that an individual should follow with regard to using essential oils for skin cleansing process.

Steps Of Using Essential Oils For Skin Cleansers

Make A Toner Specific To Your Skin Type

The first step is to make a toner which would help with the skin cleansing process. People with combination or oily skin should make a solution of distilled water and apple cider vinegar as the toner. Distilled water acts as a perfect toner for dry skin. The toner should be stored in an airtight dark colored glass bottle in a cold place.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Make Cleansers With Toners

The cleanser for normal skin is made by mixing lemongrass oil, sweet basil oil, or peppermint oil with the toner solution. Rosewood oil, tea tree oil, or grapefruit oil are considered to be effective essential oils for oily and acne prone skin. Use of peppermint oil would help in dealing with blackheads on the skin. The skin cleanser for combination skin is made by stirring in geranium oil, ylang-ylang oil, and rosewood oil.

The extra shine on the oily skin can be reduced by mixing lavender oil, juniper oil, or lemon oil with the toner for oily skin. Adding rose oil, lemongrass oil, or myrtle oil to the toners would help in preventing clogging of skin’s pores, subsequently keeping the skin glowing all the time.

Make Cleansers With Toners

Cleanse The Skin

The last step is to take a cotton wool, soak it in the essential oil based skin cleanser, and apply it on the skin. The process of application of this homemade cleanser should be carried out twice in a day to see a great improvement in the skin’s health and radiance level.

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