How To Use Natural Remedies For Hernia

How To Use Natural Remedies For Hernia

Hernia appears like a sack formed by the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) when a portion of tissues lining the abdominal cavity breaks through a hole or weak area of the abdominal wall. Abdomen is the most common area where hernia occurs. Hernias are common and can be of several types.

How To Use Natural Remedies For Hernia

Most common type of hernia is in the groin known as inguinal hernia. It can also occur in umbilical (belly button) or through previous incisions or scars. On the upper part of the stomach occurs hiatal hernia.

Hernias are common and can affect anyone, men women or children. Weakness or defect in the abdominal wall causes hernia. Those born with weak abdominal muscles have more chances of getting hernia. One can have it from birth or can develop it later. Hernia can cause discomfort and can become dangerous if it enlarges and a piece of intestine gets strangulated inside.

Hernia Treatment

Treatment of hernia depends upon its condition, for instance whether the hernia is reducible or irreducible or strangulated. In most cases, surgical process is the only remedy for hernia to avoid future intestinal strangulation. With the help of surgical treatment, hernia is placed back in the abdominal cavity.

If remained untreated, hernia can cause serious complications. There can be blockage in the intestine or a part of intestine can get trapped outside the abdomen muscles. This blockage can create worse situation by cutting the supply of blood to the intestine and eventually part of intestine may die.

Herbal Remedies

There are few herbal products available in the market like Hernease, Hawthornia, etc. These drugs with herbal formulation provide hernia patient energy and vitality and reduce pain. They help weak and flabby organs to stay in their original place and function normally. They help in strengthening abdominal wall, diaphragms and their related tissues and muscles and make them strong to function normally.

Hawthorn Berry

Home Remedies For Hernia

It is essential to avoid any kind of pressure to the swollen area. Do not apply heat at all in the affected area. Instead you can use an ice bag to reduce the pain. Take proper rest. Do not over exert. Never exercise after meals. Losing weight can help, if you are overweight. Smoking will be highly injurious. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol completely. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes; especially the clothes around the chest and abdomen should be loose; otherwise they can put pressure on the stomach. Another effective remedy to prevent stomach acid to move into esophagus while sleeping can be done by elevating the head of your bed. Try avoiding use of pillows as they can put pressure on abdomen.

Eat small fiber rich meals. Eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. Avoid oily, spicy and acidic food. Foods with high fat and cholesterol can cause bloating in stomach. Do not lie down or bend immediately after eating. Also refrain yourself from taking enzyme supplements containing hydrochloric acid.

Fibrous food

Constipation is harmful for hernia patient. Avoid foods that cause constipation. Don’t strain during bowel movement. Also avoid lifting heavy objects. For strengthening internal organs, the consumption of American Ginseng is quite helpful. Mix chamomile tea with one tablespoon Slippery elm to make a paste. Eat slowly in small quantities to heal the area. This is a very effective remedy for hernia. Drinking Aloe Vera juice in the morning and evening is also a very effective remedy for hernia.

Aloe Vera Juice