Importance Of Vitamins and Minerals In Our Diet

Vitamins and minerals also jointly known as micronutrients play as essential role in restoring our body’s every day functioning. Adequate intake of these micronutrients is vital to ensure a healthier existence. Health experts and nutritionist all over the world are propagating the benefits of these important constituents in our body. For your convenience stated here are few valuable effects of minerals and vitamins in human body.

Enriching your diet with essential micronutrients helps to boost your immune system by fuelling the disease-fighting power of your body. Environmental factors like pollution, radiation and contamination coupled with unhealthy habits like smoking have shown to cause considerable damage to the body cells.

This in turn diminishes the body resistance to fight diseases and is cause for major illness. Sufficient intake of micronutrients provides our body with antioxidants that are essential in protecting cells in the immune system. This prepares our body to fight common ailments like cold, cough and also develop resistance for specific types of cancer.

Another important role that highlights the importance of minerals and vitamin is proper brain functioning. Studies have shown that lack of proper nutrition in our body can lead to severe brain impairment. Feeding our body with the required intake of micronutrients helps to delay and in some cases prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Moreover some vitamins especially the B group vitamins aid the brain to formulate vital messengers that include epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. This keeps you brain healthy and also strengthens its power to memorize, focus and stay attentive.

Finally including essential minerals and vitamin in your food items helps to keep the skin supple. With time, the cells in our skin wears down and eventually ages. Providing our diet with increase micronutrients helps in combating the signs of aging by promoting the formation of skin-supporting elastin.

Besides they are also effective in reducing wrinkles, fighting sun damage and skin diseases. By acquiring the required dose of minerals and vitamins you can flaunt beautiful younger looking skin forever. Furthermore intake of essential micronutrients has also shown to prevent unusual hair loss and promote positive follicular regrowth.

To sum up the importance of vitamin and nutrients in our diet can never be undermined. These micronutrients play a pivotal role in ensuring our over-all well being.