Improve Blood Circulation For Glowing Radiant Skin


You have spent out a lot on the beauty creams and lotions and yet the skin has not been what you always wanted it to be alike. That is though there is some improvement in the skin texture still it lacks on the radiance. Glowing Skin

The real cause of it is the lack of proper blood circulation as you have not been active enough to provide the perquisite thing needed for a glowing and healthy skin.

The first thing that you can do to improve the blood circulation in the body is to introduce some exercise routine in your daily schedule. This will not only improve your overall health but also impart a glowing face with reddish tinge which anybody can envy about.

Your exercise should include some jogging and breathing exercises. Yoga is also considered as one of the better methods to improve blood circulation.

Do exercise

The second thing is to go for an oil massage with warm oil of your choice. The choice of the essential oil to be used for massage can be made from rosemary, cypress, or geranium or any other circulatory stimulant oil but it is necessary that you mix it up with a carrier oil like coconut, olive or sesame oil for reaping maximum benefits. Once you are over with the massage you can have a bath with water.

Take massage

Even dry brushing is considered good for the circulation of lymph and blood in the body. The efficient flow of blood facilitates to carry the oxygen and other nutrients to the skin surface and also aids in releasing the toxins off the body. You should always use a brush made up of natural bristles or even go for a loofah instead.

The fourth option to improve blood circulation is to take Epsom salt bath. For this you need to add Epsom salts in warm water filled in a tub and dissolve the salts completely. You further need to have a Epsom salt water bath along with massaging your body with a loofah. This will help in deeper penetration of salts and also enhance the blood circulation levels in the body. After taking the bath you should always nurture your skin by applying moisturizer.

Take epsom salt bath