Jazz Up Your Workout Regime With Step Aerobics


If you are bored of your regular workout routine in the gym or at home, step aerobics is for you. So long aerobics meant horizontal movements but step aerobics has made the whole form vertical.

Step Aerobics

If you add a dash of step aerobics to your workouts, it will not only be more fun filled but will also help you to lose weight. Step aerobics essentially is nothing but moving up and down a platform with the music. You will be given a platform that can vary in height from four inches to about ten inches.

These polyurethane platforms might be stacked up on one another depending on the workout pattern. With the increase in fitness levels, the height of the platforms of step aerobics can be increased.

You can lose weight with the help of step aerobics by doing some foot patterns on the floor including stepping up and down the platforms. The stepping is the most important part of step aerobics. The feet have to be used carefully for stepping on the platform and the floor. A wrong stepping can lead to foot injury and spoil the fun of step aerobics.

lose weight

Make sure your posture is perfect while doing step aerobics workouts. The head should he held straight and the shoulders should not be slouchy. You should pay attention while stepping up the platform not to lean in front.

The pressure should not be given on the waist. You have to step in the centre of the platform and only a part of the foot will be used for the stepping. Only the portion between the heels and the ball of the foot is usually recommended.

waist pressure

Stepping down in step aerobics workouts is of equal importance. You have to step down closer to the platform without moving away further from it. The toe should touch the floor first while stepping down. You do not necessarily need to go to the gym for doing step aerobics.

You can get yourself some platforms and kick start this exciting way to lose weight at home. Put on some music and make way for a fit body. However, those of you with knee or ankle problems should avoid step aerobics and consult a doctor before experimenting yourself.

Ankle problems