Know Why Turmeric Is Your Best Friend

Turmeric is a herb which belongs to ginger family, Zingiberaceae. Turmeric grows wild in forests of Southeast Asia where it is used as one of the key ingredients in food to give it a yellow color. Other than that it is extensively used for its medicinal properties too.

Indians have been using it since ages due to its wondrous medicinal and antiseptic properties. Nothing can beat its natural powerful healing properties. One spoon of turmeric in milk every night can help body stay away from inflammation and cuts. Turmeric fastens the process to heal cuts or wounds. When applied on the cuts and wounds it acts as an anti-septic due to its anti-bacterial properties. It’s also applied on arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory nature. It also helps fight against different forms of cancer.

Along with that, turmeric is used in the beauty products too. It helps reduce pigmentation and helps giving even tone to your skin. It’s also helpful for the teenagers suffering from acne. Turmeric mixed with sandalwood powder and little water, applied on acne helps reduce them. It is much more effective than the other beauty creams available in the market. Regular washing the face with turmeric can significantly reduce facial hair.

Turmeric helps cure amenorrhea, hemorrhage, fever, hepatitis, loss of appetite, worms, flatulence, abdominal bloating jaundice, dyspepsia, abdominal pain and kidney inflammation. It also reduces the risk of leukemia. It can be taken in the powered or the pill form, which is easily available on the medical stores.

It helps in deterring the ants. The reason is unknown but it is observed that the ants do not come near turmeric. Turmeric helps in weight loss too. Turmeric has been proven to enhance the flow of bile which is an important component in breaking down the dietary fats. Turmeric also helps cure burn. Turmeric powder mixed with aloe gel, applied on the burn, helps heal it faster. Turmeric is proved to possess magical qualities to heal and cure. Scientists have also come to a conclusion that turmeric can do wonders in healing. A tinge of this healthy spice everyday can help you keep diseases at bay.