Low Libido In Men – Causes & Symptoms That You Should Know

Sex drive may vary from person to person but if you experience persistent low libido then there may be some reasons behind it and you must try to find out the cause of your low libido. Low libido in men is a common problem that makes the life of several couples unhappy.

Low libido

Low libido and eventually unsuccessful sexual life can cause strain in relationships and can also indicate that you suffer from any underlying health condition.   If you suffer from low libido then instead of trying out the remedies recommended by the commercials, you must look for the causes that may be responsible for your problem. Given below are some causes and symptoms of low libido in men that you should know.

Strain in relationship

Loss of or decrease in sexual interest is one of the major symptoms of low libido. This may include the occurrence of less sexual stimulation, thinking rarely about sex or getting involved in sexual activities less frequently. Such people do not lose the ability to perform sexually but they just lack the desire to do so.

Decrease in sexual interest

Some of the common causes of low libido in men are given below in brief.

Most people experience low libido due to the psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, and tension in relationship. Depression has negative effects on a person’s health in many ways. It also affects the chemicals present in the brain that are responsible for affecting the sex drive of an individual.


Stress too can affect your sex life. If you are stressed out and worried, you seldom get time to think about sex and when you go to bed with your partner, you may have no energy left for sexual activities! If a child has experienced sexual trauma and abuse then as an adult he may suffer from a low libido. In this case, you must seek medical help.


Certain diseases and medical conditions can directly or indirectly affect an individual’s ability to perform sexually. Anemias, heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, adrenal cortex disease, pituitary tumors, etc are some of the medical conditions that may lead to low libido in men.

Heart diseases

Temporary decreased sexual drive can be caused due to latest physical sickness and the consequent recovery from the illness.  Some medications including tranquilizers, marijuana, rivotril, certain hypertension medications, etc can also cause low libido in men. Alcohol abuse and some illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin have also been associated with low libido.