Low Sperm Count- Causes

People (Men) with high volume of sperm count are known as sexually fit and they have the ability to make women pregnant. Men with low sperm count are considered as infertile which is very embarrassing for couples especially for men.There are various causes for male infertility or low sperm count(Oligozoospermia). Some of them have been mentioned below.

Low Sperm Count

Age is one of the biggest factors of low sperm count. As men grow older their testosterone hormone goes on decreasing. Due to decrease in testosterone hormone they are unable to perform sex successfully or they are unable to ejaculate high quality sperm.

Erectile dysfunction is also one major causes of male infertility because in this condition you don’t achieve full erection and hence you are unable to make your partner pregnant.

Erectile dysfunction

Stress plays vital role in reducing your sperm count. Your sexual activities are regulated from your brain but stress obstructs your brain functions which are unable to send commands to your testicles to produce testosterone hormone. Hence you lack sperm count. By interfering with GnRH hormone stress also decreases your sperm count.


Smoking affects sperm count badly. Due to smoking not only sperm count is impaired but even the life span of your sperm is reduced. Smoking causes atherosclerosis and obstructs blood flow to your penis due to which you suffer from erectile dysfunction and eventually you have to suffer from male infertility.


Men who expose their testicles to excess heat develop low sperm count which may be temporarily.

Cocaine and marijuana in heavy dose decrease the quality of your sperm and thus your sperm loses the ability to swim and penetrate your partner’s egg.


If you don’t consume nutritious foods you are going to suffer from low sperm count. Deficiency of zinc causes low sperm count. Similarly to increase your sperm count and to get healthy sperm you need to consume the required amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, folate etc. Deficiencies of these nutrients causes low sperm count.

Vitamin Cand E

Excess weight gain and obesity in men also cause low sperm count.

Excess weight gain

Apart from the above causes some diseases, medicines, and genetic factor are also responsible for low sperm count. You can increase your sperm count by balancing your hormones, by doing exercise daily and by avoiding unhealthy life styles such as by quitting smoking, by saying ‘no’ to oily and fatty foods.

oily and fatty foods