Low Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone is a hormone that is normally produced by both male and female. Even though it is produced in the body of the female too, it is usually referred to as the ‘male hormone’.

In male, testosterone is manufactured by the Leydig cells that are present in the testes and in female; it is manufactured in the ovaries. Small amounts of these hormones are also produced by the adrenal glands in the neighboring areas of the kidneys.

There may be times, when sufficient amount of testosterone hormones may not be produced by the body. And if this happens, then you may have to experience several symptoms, which may range from mild to severe. Some common low testosterone symptoms have been given below in brief.

A person, who has low testosterone usually, experiences severe fatigue and feel short of energy. Depression and irritability are other two most common symptoms of low testosterone. Initially, low testosterone problem was associated with older people but the truth is that younger people, who are in their 30s and 40s, may also experience the symptoms of low testosterone.

Alteration in the sex drive and stamina are perhaps the most evident symptoms of low testosterone. The affected person feels less desire to get involved in any kind of sexual activities, and men can experience weaker erections.

Low testosterone symptoms can also include common symptoms like recurrent mood swings, loss of energy and enthusiasm.  The sufferers may lose interest in the activities that were once enjoyed by them and if an athlete is affected by low testosterone then he/she may have decreased athletic performance.

Sleep disorders, loss of hair, high blood pressure, poor concentration are some other important symptoms of low testosterone. The affected people also tend to gain weight in the wrong areas of the body. You may also feel sleepy post meals, if you are affected with low testosterone problem.

You need to see your doctor if you experience the symptoms that have been mentioned above. There is nothing to be worried about or feel embarrassed if you suffer from low testosterone problem. It is nothing but a usual health problem for which a number of treatments are available. You just need to consult an experienced doctor to get rid of this problem and live a happy life once again.