Lowering Cholesterol – Natural Way

Cholesterol can be high even in slim persons. So if you are detected with high cholesterol levels, it is important to start some natural methods to lower cholesterol. Here are some natural ways of lowering cholesterol.

One of the ways is to increase the amount of fibre in your diet. A form of soluble fibre like psyllium reduces cholesterol levels in your body by about 4 %. It is present in Metamucil and is also available in capsular form. Fibre is found in vegetables, fruits, some breads and cereals. So adding enough salads and vegetables in your diet will increase the amount of fibre.

Soluble fibre enters the intestine, dissolves and traps the dietary cholesterol and cholesterol in the bile. So the dietary cholesterol is not absorbed from the intestine into the blood stream and body utilises already present cholesterol in the blood, thus lowering blood cholesterol levels. The insoluble fibre adds bulk to the intestinal contents and helps eliminate trapped cholesterol out from the bowels.

Restriction of some foods in your meal is also very important. Red meat, fatty foods and all junk and processed foods should be restricted. Fish contains HDL cholesterol which is good for the body.

While other foods contain LDL cholesterol which is bad as it is this cholesterol which deposits in arteries and causes heart diseases. So instead of meat, eat fish. Use of oil in preparing food also should be restricted. Instead of the usual cooking oil, use olive oil.

Foods containing saturated fats should be strictly avoided. Butter, margarines should be completely avoided. Instead of tea, coffee and cold drinks drink green tea or black tea. 4-5 cups of green tea/day have shown good results in lowering cholesterol levels.

Plant sterols are also found to be effective in lowering cholesterol. They are naturally occurring substances found in some plants. Oatmeal, barley, oranges, berries are foods containing cholesterol lowering properties.

Exercise is the most important way to reduce cholesterol levels. Regular jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobics will help to reduce cholesterol levels.

If you have high cholesterol levels, please include cardio training in your exercise regime. High cholesterol is a very important risk factor for heart disease. So keeping your heart healthy should be one of your important aims.