Male Infertility- 7 Tips To Improve It

Male infertility has become a universal problem. Presently, factors related to male are responsible for nearly 30% of the total infertility cases. 7  tips to improve male fertility have been given below in brief.
Male Infertility

Tip 1 – The first tip to improve male fertility is to avoid smoking. Most smokers may argue that smoking has nothing to do with infertility. But their belief is completely untrue!

If you want to enhance your sperm count then you need to quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco because their smoke contains some chemicals that are known to deteriorate the functions of sperms. These harmful chemicals also exhaust the antioxidants, mainly Vitamin C, which counteracts the destructive free radicals.

Avoid smoking

Tip 2 – Stress produces adrenalin and other hormones. These hormones can hamper blood flow to the testes and hinder the production of sperm. Stress can also lead to the release of free radicals.

And these free radicals can be very injurious for your fertility, as they damage the sperms. If you lead a stressful life then taking an antioxidant supplement with selenium, Vitamin C and zinc can improve male fertility.

antioxidant supplement
Tip 3 – You must avoid frequent and prolonged exposure to heat. This is because if the testicles are exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time, an adverse effect can be produced on sperm production. Also, you must avoid the use of tight-fitted briefs or pants.

Exposure to heat

Tip 4Avoid taking hot baths as this can have a negative impact on your sperm count. Placing laptops on your lap should also be avoided for an extended period. If you do this then it might heat up the testicles and result in lower production of sperm.

Hot bath

Tip 5 Eating healthy fats i.e. essential fatty acids (EFAs) can significantly help in the production of sperm. Taking an essential fatty acids supplement per day can also enhance the sperm count after some time.

Essentiat fatty supplement

Tip 6 – Recreational drugs like cocaine should be avoided at all cost. It has been proved that drugs like cocaine influences mobility of sperm and can also get in the way of fertilization. A low sperm count as well as an increase in anomalous sperm can be the result of another drug called cannabis.


Tip 7Eat a healthy diet including plenty of vegetables and fruits. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which aids in sperm production and sperm mobility.

Vegetables and fruits