Maternity Skin Care with Natural Remedies


Every woman feels special and always has a glow during their pregnancy. But, it might be dangerous for the skin. The changing hormones may affect skin, hair, teeth as well as gums. Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to the skin care products they are using.

Natural remedies are adopted for dealing withskin problems during the pregnancy. Everyday we use such skin care products, which may prove to be harmful. So, this is the high time to look after your as well as your baby’s health.

Are you pregnant and suffering from stretch marks and other skin problems?If yes, then here are different natural remedies to overcome through it.

Maternity Skin Care Remedies

There are some remedies for maternity skin care, which are shown below:

Dry skin, Itching Belly And Dull Hair

This is the common skin problem during pregnancy. Do you want to get rid of this? If yes, then you should eat food that includes vitamin and nutrient. Apply moisturizing oils like jojoba, almond, vitamin E, olive or coconut oil to your skin.

Stretch Marks

These marks arise due to stretching of skin for a long time. These are red in color in the beginning and then turn into purple.Finally, it fades and turns white. About 90% women face this problem.

It usually occurs on women’s abdomen after 6 months when rapid increase in her belly can be noticed.If it occurs, it is difficult to remove. Preventive remedies, which should be adopted to minimize it, are as follows:

Nutrition And Skin Nutrients

You can go for good food like black berries cherries, garlic, onions.Eat diet food, which helps in blood circulation like vitamin C and E.

Herbal Tea

Yarrow tea gives relief from tired and heavy legs and horsetail tea gives strength to connective tissues in the veins.

Tissue Salts

Calc Fluor helps with tissue elasticity, Ferr phos heals the inflamed tissues, and Mag phos relieves leg cramps.


Several pregnant women face this common problem. Women having oily skin face this kind of problem. Hormonal change stimulates oil glands and increases the production of oil. Avoid products with retinoid and use oil free cleanser.

Dark Patch

Many pregnant women get stunned to see dark patches on their face. Pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy marks, which can extend due to sun exposure.

Sunglasses, sun block with SPF, big wide hat as well as protective clothing should be used before going out. This helps in reducing patches from the skin.

Skin Care Schedule During Pregnancy

Pregnancy daily care routine is required for the pregnant women to look good and up to date. Let’s have a look on these daily skin care remedies:


Soap is not effective for the skin as it removes the skin’s essential oils. Therefore, go for a moisturizing body wash. It helps in maintaining the natural oils of the skin and gives them a special glow.

Sun Protection And Moisturizing

The moisturizer used daily should work against the rays of UVA and UVB. These are some of the effective maternity skin care remedies.