Menstrual Cramp Remedies To Bring Back Life

As soon as the days start coming nearer, the tension starts building and you start dreading the menstrual cramps. You start getting irritable and hate the pain and wish for some way to reduce it if not get rid of it all together.

There are many menstrual cramp remedies, which exist but unfortunately, not all of them might work for us. We need to figure out what works for us, and what is less effective or not effective on us.

The most common remedy for menstrual cramps that is known is drinking oodles of water. Other possibilities are to drink herbal tea or even red wine. They relax the body, improve the mood. It is also generally advised to avoid food that has salt in it or is oily. Menstrual cramps can also be avoided or reduced by using heating pads on the lower back or the abdomen.

Regular exercise is also a technique used to reduce the menstrual cramp. A simple 20 min walk or a 15 min jog can be useful. Keep your mind free from stress or anything that upsets you for no reason. A calm mind and a calm body help keep those menstrual cramps away.  It is advisable to eat well and sleep well too. Eating fibrous food, fruits and green vegetables regularly also helps. Apples are said to really work wonders and improve the state.

A hip bath is another remedy for menstrual cramps. A woman might not go out of the house for that so much wanted spa. Create your own spa by adding one cup baking soda and one cup sea salt in a bucket of bearable hot water. This works out as a great remedy for menstrual cramps, which also gets you some good sleep.

Try ginger. It holds anti spasmodic properties, which help relieve pain and thus helps in turning off those menstrual cramps. An inch of the root can be crushed and boiled in a glass of water and taken thrice a day after meals. This is very beneficial to get rid of the menstrual cramps.

So try these amazing remedies to kill those menstrual cramps and have a comforted period.