Methods To Get Rid Of Tangled Hair


Do regularly face the problem of knots and tangles within your hair and always look for methods to get rid of the problem then you should always get into the basics and find out the reason why are you facing this kind of a hair problem and then find a cure for it.

Tangled Hair

Tangling of hairs occurs due to the reason that your hair strands are not properly placed to the nearby strands and they tend to jumble up creating knots in the hairs which are often difficult to get rid of.

Not only this, the presence of tangled hair often results into loss of hairs in the process to overcome the clutter of tangled hair. The most basic reason for tangled hair to emerge is the lack of combing of hairs.

Though sometimes careless on your part in handling your hairs can also lead to tangled hair problems. For instance, some women are in the habit of washing their hairs piled on their head rather than washing the hairs straight and loose which can also leave you with intertwined hairs.
Even negligence to use hair moisturizers or letting the wind blow your hairs while travelling on a bike without any hair protection can also lead to entangled hairs.

hair moisturizers

But this problem is not a serious one if you find the cause and then treat it or you can follow all of them if you are not sure of the reason for hair tangling. These hair tangling removal methods are very easy to follow and will give you instant results as well.

The first thing is to select the correct means in order to remove the knots and have tangle free hair without much of a hair loss. For removing the tangles from wet hairs one should always select a wide-tooted comb. This aid will help to realign the hair strands in a proper arrangement without causing the loss of hair.

You can always apply hair conditioners on your hair as they also make your hairs smooth and prevent the formation of tangles.

hair conditioners

Its better that you leave the hair conditioner on your hairs for five minutes followed by running your fingers in the hairs starting from the root and moving towards the tip in order to remove the interwoven hairs.

For removing the tangles that have resulted due to sleeping or due to winds affecting the hairs, always use a hair serum and apply it and then with the help of a wide tooted comb gently try to remove the knots in  your hairs.

It is always better if you apply the serum in a section of hairs and remove its tangles and then continue towards the next section.