Methods Of Skin Care For Men

Most men neglect their skin on a whole and skin care mere involves shaving and application of an after shave lotion for them. But it not quite so as proper care and attention towards the skin for men is as essential as it is for women. Men who do take good care of their facial skin actually will not only have problematic skin for today but also for tomorrow as well.

As we all grow old our skin loses its elasticity due depletion of the collagen tissue and tend to develop wrinkles and fine lines on various parts of the face and the only way to delay their appearance is the method of following a regular skin care routine in a natural way if you do not want to go for surgery or other medical techniques available for maintaining a younger look of the skin.

For men it is essential to realize that by investing a small amount of time one could safe and protect the skin from damage .To start with one should always wash the face with a mild face wash rather than using deodorant and chemical based harsh soaps as they are not good for the facial skin and take away the natural moisture away making your face dry and sensitive.

You also need to cleanse your face using lukewarm water and a good cleansing product .Apply the cleanser on the face and using a wash cloth dipped in the water try and apply the cleanser on the face giving circular motion. This will help to remove all the dirt and grime hidden in the pores and make your skin clean and fresh. This cleansing of the skin should be done at least once a week.

After the cleansing of the skin do remember to moisturize it with a good moisturizing lotion enriched with vitamin E or having Aloe Vera as the key ingredient.

In order to protect the skin from sun tanning always apply sunscreen lotion on the exposed parts. Choose a sunscreen with SPF factor 15 or above for sun protection purpose. After coming back from the sun it is also mandatory that you apply moisturizer in order to prevent the skin from getting dry and dehydrated.

When you shave it will be better if you wash your face with warm water and then apply the shaving cream or gel and wait for some time till the cream has got set and then using a sharp razor shave the beard. Once you are done with the shaving apply an after shave lotion to protect the skin from the irritation and burn caused by shaving.

Have a well balanced and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals along with ample amount of carbohydrate, proteins and fats to ensure good health to the skin. Intake of fruits and vegetable rich in antioxidants is also helpful to keep the skin young as it destroys the free radicals and thereby reduces the damage to the skin.

Have plenty of water as it helps to keep the balance
of required water in the body keeping the skin cells hydrated and full of life.