Methods Of Weight loss In Children


Now days it is very common to find children who are overweight and the prime reason for this is this is the change of lifestyle and diet patterns for children.

Weight loss in children

You can easily find your child skipping meals and feeding on snacks during the day time and sometimes this munching of snacks can occur even in between having the meals.

Today’s younger generation is also keen on being a couch potato, watching the television rather going out and playing with their friends.


However sometimes paternal inheritance can be the cause of obesity. But even in such a case the weight can be monitored and kept within limits by following a proper diet and exercise routine.

Proper diet and exercise

 One should never forget the side effects of being overweight and the number of disease one can call for his child due to negligence on your part.

Some diseases that are commonly associated with people who are obese include back problems, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Some diseases

For your child weight to be in control one should always encourage the child to have well balanced diet three times a day-morning, afternoon and during night.

Balance diet

 One should not allow his child to skip his meal as it reduces the metabolic rate of the body. Keep in mind the required calorie level according to the age and sex of the child and plan his diet accordingly. Try to include food stuff that has low calorific value along with fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Fresh fruits

Try to curb the foods that are processed, refined or canned and go for natural stuff as this processed and refined stuff have high calorific value and easily put on weight.

The intake of the amount of fats should also be kept in control and only have the good fats containing omega -3-fatty acids.

Omega-3-fatty acid

One needs to encourage his child for playing and getting involved in some physical activity rather than watching the television. One can always get your child enrolled for swimming classes as swimming is a good method for weight loss. Even cycling and doing some aerobic exercises can help to keep the weight in control.