Methods To Remove Pubic Hair


Removal of the pubic hairs around the pubic region is generally done for aesthetic or sexual reasons. Women’s generally remove the hairs around the pubic area with the help of wax in order to stop the visibility of hairs from the crotch area of a swimsuit and hence the procedure holds the name of bikini waxing.

Remove Pubic Hair

If you are thinking of getting rid of the pubic hairs and thinking about the possibilities that you can choose to get rid of the bikini hairs then some options listed below can help.

The list of options is very much similar for basic body hair removal that includes shaving, waxing, depilatory creams or laser hair removal. But the thing that you should keep in mind that the hairs on the private areas are just like the other body hair but the only difference is that these hairs are thicker and present on a more sensitive region so precautions and carefulness is needed while removing the pubic hairs.


The thing of utmost important is that always use a brand new razor for removing the pubic hairs as the blade might have got worn out if you have used it previously leading to problems like ingrown hairs. Since the hairs of the pubic region are quite thick and long, shaving can be a bit of a problem but it can be reduced to significant level by trimming down the length of hairs with the help of a scissor or hair clipper. Now you need to soften the hairs which you can easily do by washing the area with warm water.

Then you can get a good shaving cream and lather the area and run the razor in the direction of hair growth to remove the hairs. Be gentle while removing the hairs and if any region has thicker hairs that form a problem while shaving try to hold up the skin taut and do the shaving. Once you have shaved, wash the region with water and gentle soap and pat it dry with a clean cloth followed by applying Aloe Vera based moisturizer.

Shaving method


Waxing is the most preferred option for removing the pubic hairs by women as the hairs take quite a time to reappear. Another benefit is that a hair does not get harder or coarser when they are back. Waxing the pubic area is quite tricky so one must visit a professional  who will use hot wax on the hairs of pubic area followed by applying a waxing strip and pull off the hair at the particular angle required. Waxing is also followed by applying moisturizer rich in Vitamin E to safeguard the skin from irritation.