Methods To Take Care Of Combination Skin

The skin type of many people is not just dry, oily or normal rather it is a combination of both the dry skin and the oily skin where some portion of the face is dry and prone to cracking and fine lines more easily other part of the skin is rather oily and can see the outburst of acne and other type of skin related problem.

This type of skin management is rather taxing as it involves separate care of both the oily and dry segments of skin and even the care should be balanced so that the different parts are not highlighted within the face as it will look uncanny.

A person who has combination skin should very well know about the T zone which is basically the T shaped region constituting the forehead and the central line involving the nose, orifice and chin.

This particular region appears to be more oily and greasy in combinational skin than other facial parts because of the presence of more amounts of oil glands in these regions.

A regular skin care routine for this type of skin is also necessary and should involve exfoliation followed by cleansing and moisturizing and occasional application of face masks as well.

As for exfoliation of combination skin is concerned one must give due advantage to the oilier segments of face on the T zone as it will help to clear up the blocked pores removing the dirt and grime along with the excess oil to give your face a clean and refreshing look. But also remember to exfoliate the dry skin though in less amount to cleat off the piled up dead cells.

For cleansing, use different cleansers for dry skin parts and oily skin segments. For cleansing also more attention should be given to the oily T region and cleanse it with a mild foaming cleanser as that region is more prone to be grubby.

As for the dry skin region use a cleanser that is oil based and cleanses the area lightly in comparison to the T region to maintain a balance within both skin types.

The dry skin is devoid of moisture and hence requires more amount of moisturizing. You can apply generous amount on moisturizer on the dry parts especially the cheeks and temple region and pay less attention to the oily sections.