Mineral makeup:Method To Apply

Like any makeup, mineral makeup application require three essential pats namely cleansing the face, applying the makeup as well as removal of the makeup after coming back to home when you are done with your party or meeting.

So to start with begin by
washing up your face with a scrubber and get rid of the dead flaky skin cell on the outer surface of the skin. Now put some good quality cleanser on cotton pad and use it to remove all the dirt’s and grime that have accumulated in the pores of the skin.

Make sure that your cleanser
has a good amount of moisturizing agent in it as to make the makeup appear more natural. If you apply a separate moisturizer its fine also, but it will end up getting a thicker application of the mineral makeup so using a moisturizing cleanser would be the wiser choice.

Here comes the actual application of the mineral makeup. Get yourself a set of brushes both long and small ones to apply makeup more uniformly without mixing any of them. Start with applying a mineral foundation. For the application of the mineral brush select the largest brush with thicker bristles and pick some mineral foundation by swirling the brush on it.

If you think that there is an excess amount do tap it off on the side of the container having the mineral foundation. Also make sure that no excess mineral can be visible on the brush otherwise the applying the foundation will lead to appearance of a blotch which will be hard to get rid of.

Now using the smallest brush apply the mineral eye shadow on your eyelids. A smaller brush allows you to pinpoint certain areas of your eyes. Select your eye shadow colors and using the smallest brush acquire some of the shadow and apply it light over the eyelid starting near the lash line moving towards the crease area.

Be cautious to use only a little amount.
If you have selected a lighter shade then the amount is minute and for darker shades it becomes sparing. A smaller brush allows you to pinpoint certain areas.

Use a medium sized brush in order to apply the mineral blusher on your cheek bones followed by applying the mineral lipstick to complete your look.

Makeup removal is also one of the important aspects of mineral makeup. You can get a good makeup remover in order to remove makeup from the eyes and then use a facial tissue to wipe out the remaining makeup. Once your makeup is removed apply a moisturizer to make your skin refreshed.