Natural Cure For Candidiasis

Candidiasis can affect both the genders but female are more susceptible to candidiasis infections. Women often undergo radical hormone changes, which often form the root cause of candida infection in them.

Cure For Candidiasis Whatever be the cause of this problem, women find it very embarrassing to talk about their condition. Hence, they often look for natural remedy for candida. Given below is some useful natural cure for candidiasis.

One of the most effective natural cures for candida infection is garlic. Garlic can be used to treat candidiasis directly or indirectly. As we all know, garlic possesses anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties.

And according to some scientific studies, garlic is equally effective to the popular anti-fungal drug called Nystatin in fighting against candida albicans.

Include raw garlic in your daily diet. Finely chopped garlic can be chewed or swallowed with water. Raw garlic is more effective in treating candidiasis.


According to a popular belief, garlic can also be used directly. A clove of garlic is inserted into the vagina and kept overnight to treat the infection. Since it produces burning sensation and is also painful, it is not preferred by many.

Another effective natural cure for candidiasis is the consumption of green algae. Green algae like spirulina and chlorella, also called ‘super green foods’ are highly nutritious and possess powerful detoxification abilities.

It is important to note that candida yeast increases in toxic environment. So detoxification of colon can be very beneficial in fighting against candidiasis. Green foods produce alkalinizing effects on the body, when consumed. This way it treats candida infection effectively.

green algae

Colloidal silver is another useful natural remedy for candidiasis. These are silver particles suspended in water. Before the advent of the antibiotic, colloidal silver was extensively used for treating infections including candidiasis. It works by denaturing the enzymes that supply oxygen to the micro-organisms causing candidiasis.

Oil of Oregano, especially obtained from the species Oregano Vulgare, can also be used as a natural cure for candidiasis. Oregano herb has strong anti-fungal properties, which works against the candida infection.

This herb is commonly used in Greek and Italian cooking and is generally sold as pure oil. Mix a few drops of this oil in a glass of water and consume it. It is very potent so do not take too much of it.