Natural Cure for Stomach Disorders

Due to changed lifestyle and eating habits, problem of indigestion has increased. It is a stomach disorder known as dyspepsia. In indigestion, the juices that aid in digestion are not secreted in adequate quantity and cause discomfort.

Indigestion may be caused due to overeating, consuming improperly cooked food, lack of exercise, allergies to certain food and hurried eating without chewing the food properly. However, there are natural cures for relieving indigestion.

The simplest remedy to treat indigestion is drinking half a glass of pineapple juice with every meal. Oranges relax the digestive organs and supply nutrition and are beneficial during indigestion. Grapes reduce the irritation in stomach and cure indigestion.

Lemon juice is an excellent agent to fight against bacteria. A mixture of lemon juice with a cup of hot water before every meal is efficient in preventing indigestion.

For immediate relief from indigestion, blend baking soda and water in equal proportions and drink the mixture. Another mixture consisting of cumin seeds in water reduces indigestion.

Ginger is a valuable remedy for indigestion owing to its anti bacterial properties. It encourages the secretion of digestive juices that help in breaking down food which is heavy to digest. Ginger tea promotes fast digestion of food.

Adding salt to 2-3 pieces of ginger can be consumed at regular intervals to ease the discomfort. A blend of ginger, cardamom seeds, cloves and coriander relieves this condition. Cloves boost the flow of enzymes in the stomach and sped up the digestion process. Digestive disorders can also be treated by extracting juice of fresh coriander leaves and adding salt to it.

Coriander juice can be consumed with fresh buttermilk for more effective results. Flatulence can be treated through drinking a tablespoon of cinnamon water after one hour after every meal. Pepper mint is an excellent remedy for digestive disorders and can be consumed regularly.

Other measures to prevent indigestion include reducing the intake of greasy food such as junk food which is difficult to digest. Regular exercise and work out help in burning the calories and prevent indigestion.

Ice pack can be applied over stomach for half an hour proceeding every meal to curb indigestion. A concoction of garlic oil and soya oil is good for easing stomach ache. It can be rubbed gently on the abdomen till it gets absorbed for effective results.