7 Natural Cures For Fluid In The Lung

7 Natural Cures For Fluid In The Lung

Fluid in the lungs or pulmonary edema is a serious health problem which requires immediate and effective treatment. This type of illness can occur in people having heart problems, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, pneumonia, overweight pregnancy, etc.

7 Natural Cures For Fluid In The Lung

These fluids are forcefully entered into the air sacs and thus, restrict the flow of oxygen to the lungs. You can certainly use natural cures for treating fluid in the lungs. Some of the important measures are explained in the following article.

Natural Cures For Fluid In The Lung

Inhalation of Steam

Inhalation of steam is a wonderful remedy for clearing fluids from your lungs. You can fill a large pan with boiling water and add aromatic tea bags like chamomile, peppermint, etc. to it. You should keep your head covered with a dry towel while inhaling the vapor. You should practice this therapy every day for at least two times in order to get best results.

Steam inhalation

Matchstick Therapy

Matchstick therapy may seem to be a bit weird but can help in curing this ailment. For this, you will have to put two lit matchsticks into a small container filled with water and cover it with a lid. Now, you should shake it thoroughly for about few seconds and consume one tablespoon of the solution three times daily. Your body can receive essential sulfur required for healthy lungs.

Proper Cough Therapy

Proper cough therapy can help in expelling fluid and mucus from the lungs. You should definitely follow the correct techniques as excessive coughing can produce harmful and negative pressure on the lung walls. You should sit straight, slowly take a deep breathe and hold it for three seconds. Now, release some of the air and cough loudly with full force. You should repeat this process for three times and take a break for 3-4 minutes before starting again.

Proper cough

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Effective Exercises

Exercise is an effective remedy for getting relief from fluid in the lungs as it strengthens the lung muscles. This also helps in reducing weight, maintaining normal blood pressure and flow of oxygen. You should practice light cardio-vascular exercises, especially jogging, and other light weight workouts.


Appropriate Diet

Appropriate diet is the most important part of natural treatment for curing this illness. First of all, you should avoid salt and salt containing foods, such as cottage cheese, pickles, potato chips, sauerkraut, pizza, spaghetti sauce, processed meat, etc. and alcohol. You should consume lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meat, low fat milk, soybean, etc. for getting essential proteins, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, fibers, etc.

Appropriate diet

Essential Herbal Solutions

Herbs are also important for treating this ailment. You can consume juices of garlic, rosemary, horse tail, horsechest nut, ginger, astragalus, etc. for removing excess fluid from the lungs. Some other important herbs like ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, etc. are suitable for maintaining better oxygenated blood circulation.

Ginger Juice

Massage Therapy

You should also get massage therapies by a professional in order to maintain a stable blood circulation. You can use aromatic oils like mustard oil, clove oil, garlic oil, eucalyptus oil, etc.

Massage Therapy