4 Natural Hair Conditioner

Natural Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioning is extremely necessary to make the hair strong, shiny and soft. We often give more importance to washing the hair with shampoo. Though this is necessary we have to keep in mind that the main purpose is not only to clean the hair but also to provide nourishment to the hair.

Natural Hair Conditioner

After applying shampoo the hair tends to become dry and it is well know that dry hair leads to a number of other problems like rough and unmanageable hair, split ends, etc. To combat all these problems it is mandatory to apply a good conditioner to the hair to keep it healthy. There are lots of hair conditioners available in the market. However a hair conditioner which is made by natural ingredients is good for the hair as it does not contain any chemicals.

natural ingredients

Avocado and mayonnaise can be mixed together to form a smooth paste. This will act as a natural hair conditioner and make dry hair soft and smooth. This conditioner should be applied on the whole hair from the roots to the tips and kept for 30 minutes. After that wash off with a mild shampoo.

Avocado and mayonnaise

Yogurt acts
as a very beneficial natural conditioner. Apply some yogurt to the entire hair and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with shampoo. Yogurt will not only treat rough and damaged hair but also impart a glossy shine to the hair.


Hot oil treatments are known to give very good results in conditioning hair. Take some amount of jojoba oil or coconut oil and heat it mildly. Now massage the oil gently on the scalp and entire length portion of the hair including the tips. This should be done at least one hour before washing the hair with shampoo. To make this treatment more effective one should cover the head with a shower cap or a moist towel after applying the oil.

coconut oil

Honey also works as a wonderful natural conditioner. Mix some pure honey with olive oil and apply on the hair. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash off with shampoo. Add some apple cider vinegar in water and use it to the rinse off the hair after washing the hair with shampoo. This will make the hair shiny and also create volume in hair.