Natural Hair Growth Tips – Herbs And Foods That Stop Hair Loss

Lot of money is being spent on producing hair fall products and treatments. However, these products contain artificial chemicals, which may not help in dealing with the problem of hair loss effectually and successfully. Also the side effects associated with these products can be highly detrimental.

In such a scenario, it is advised to take the support of natural treatments for hair growth. There are a number of foods and herbs which help amazingly to restrict hair loss.

A few herbs which are regarded as highly beneficial for encouraging hair growth include saw palmetto, nettle root, ginseng, and green tea. Saw palmetto helps in reducing the production of hormone “DHT” in the human body thus supporting hair growth and inhibiting hair loss. Nettle root helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. Ginseng helps in feeding the hair with suitable nutrition to promote hair re-growth. Green tea is regarded as a wonderful herbal remedy which assists in feeding the hair with suitable antioxidants thus encouraging growth of hair.

Apart from certain herbs, there are some foods such as fish, nuts, green vegetables, fresh fruits, yogurt, eggs, and soybean, which are considered to be highly beneficial for the hair. These foods are enriched with proteins, minerals and vitamins which are vital nutrients for hair re-growth. It is immensely significant to feed the hair with vital nutrients through nutritious foods, so that hair growth process takes place in a healthy and strong way.

A combination of herbal remedies and healthy foods would together work wonderfully in restoring the lost hair and promoting hair growth. Also, an individual suffering from hair loss should follow several other natural remedies to re-grow the hair and stop hair loss. A useful remedy to inhibit hair loss is to massage the scalp with olive oil on regular basis. Olive oil is moisturizing in nature which would help in maintaining appropriate moisture level of the hair, thus keeping the hair strong and healthy. Hair growth process would be encouraged as a result. Further, drinking at least eight glasses of water every day would help in keeping the hair well hydrated, hence assisting in hair growth.