5 Natural Methods To Help Stop Smoking

5 Natural Methods To Help Stop Smoking

Smoking is a very bad habit, which is highly injurious for health. Smoking deteriorates the health of a person in a massive way. There is restricted flow of blood due to smoking, which disrupts the functioning of several body parts, including the heart.

5 Natural Methods To Help Stop Smoking

Most of the people suffering from heart problems are tobacco smokers. There are several treatment options available these days to overcome the habit of smoking. The most common cures which help in leaving smoking are based on nicotine. Nicotine based inhaler, nicotine based nasal spray, and nicotine gum are a few popular nicotine based treatment options which aid in quitting smoking. However, these treatments can be quite uncomfortable, and may also pose certain side effects because of involvement of chemicals.

At this point of time, a very common question arises in the mind of an individual, viz. “do natural remedies help in stopping smoking”? The answer to this question is yes. There are quite a few natural methods to help stop smoking. The following section discusses about a few effective ways to quit smoking in a natural way.

Natural Methods To Help Stop Smoking


The role of acupuncture with respect to assisting in the process of leaving smoking cannot be ignored. This therapy has been in use for several years and is regarded to be one of the best natural methods to help stop smoking. Extremely thin acupuncture needles are used for the purpose of helping an individual to quit smoking.

The needles are inserted in an ear of an individual at several points and allowed to stay there for around twenty minutes. The craving for smoking gets reduced with the help of this natural treatment.



Lobelia is one of effective herbs to deal with the problem of smoking. The herb acts like a relaxant and performs a similar action like nicotine with regard to helping a person to leave smoking. Lobelia can be consumed in the form of supplement to deal with smoking issue.

However, due to being a toxic herb, it is suggested to consume lobelia after taking expert advice of a health care practitioner. The ingestion of lobelia can have certain side effects like extreme sweating, diarrhea, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. Extremely high dosage of the herb can even make an individual fall into comma.


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Passion Flower

This herb helps in promoting relaxation and calmness. The irritability of the person would get reduced significantly with the help of consumption of this herb.

Passion flower

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint leaf is very well known for its detoxification and relaxation properties.

Peppermint leaf

Ginger Root

Ginger root is a very effective herb for helping people to stop smoking. This herb assists in providing relief from nausea and facilitates digestion.


The above discussed remedies would really be of immense assistance in dealing with the problem of smoking. Smokers would find great level of respite with the help of natural remedies as discussed above. The use of herbs with respect to helping a person to stop smoking would naturally deal with the issue. There would be no side effects and an individual would feel highly relaxed after following the aforementioned natural methods to help quit smoking.