Natural Remedies For An Inflamed Pancreas


When an inflammation occurs in the pancreas of an individual he/she is said to have developed a condition called pancreatitis. An inflamed pancreas can cause a lot of sufferings and pain to the patient who may experience symptoms such as pain in the abdomen, which may get worse after consuming meals.

Inflamed Pancreas

The patient may also vomit but even this will not give relief in pain.

Natural and home remedies are very helpful in dealing with the painful symptoms of an inflamed pancreas. Hence, if you or your near and dear one has been afflicted with an inflamed pancreas you can try the natural remedies for an inflamed pancreas that are given below.

Eating the right foods and following a healthy lifestyle habits are the best things you can do for your inflamed pancreas. Alcohol occupies the top most position on the list of factors responsible for causing inflamed pancreas.

Hence, if you are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco then you will have to give up all these nasty habits to get relief from inflamed pancreas symptoms.

avoid smoking

Use of alcohol for 6-8 years can significantly cause damage to your pancreas. In case you experience any symptoms of inflamed pancreas you must stop all alcohol consumption immediately. And if you don’t do this your condition may get worse and you are likely to develop chronic pancreatitis.

If you are unable to give up alcohol yourself you must take your doctor’s help. Smoking and tobacco should also be stopped otherwise your chances of developing a pancreas tumor and other pancreas problems will increase.

Avoid alcohol

Taking sufficient rest is another natural remedy for an inflamed pancreas. If possible, take leave from your work and stay at home. Taking adequate rest will help you in healing and you may soon get relief from the symptoms of inflamed pancreas.


Pain associated to pancreas problems can be eliminated by taking natural analgesics for pain, which can be purchased from your local health food store.

Consuming liquid diet
can be very beneficial for reducing the inflammation of your pancreas. You must consume soups, gelatin, or broth. Dairy products should altogether be avoided to deal with inflamed pancreas symptoms as they are difficult to digest.

These foods may also cause other symptoms such as vomiting, and nausea. And drink sufficient water.

Drink Lots Of Water