10 Natural Remedies For Dengue Fever Treatment


Dengue Fever, also referred to as breakbone fever, is an infectious disease that is caused due to dengue virus and spreads from one person to another through various species of mosquitoes from the ‘Aedes’ genus.

10 Remedies For Dengue

The most common symptoms of this disease include fever, joint and muscle pains, headache, and skin rash similar to measles. In few cases, the disease may even become life-threatening, developing into hemorrhagic fever leading to low blood platelets level, blood plasma leakage, bleeding, and dengue shock syndrome characterized by extremely low blood pressure.

The dengue virus can be characterized into our different kinds; and getting infected with one kind usually makes a person immune to that type of virus for life, but immune for short-term to other kinds of viruses.

Successive infection from another kind of virus greatly increases the threat of severe complications. Since there is no vaccine available for preventing dengue fever till date, the best way to prevent this infection is to limit the breeding of mosquitoes, trim down their habitat, and restrict our exposure to bites as much as possible.

Natural Treatment For Dengue Fever

If you are looking for some herbal or natural ways to treat dengue fever, here are some of the best remedies:

Neem Oil/Neem Leaves For Dengue Fever

Neem acts as a wonderful purifying agent and needs to be applied with the help of a damp cloth in dosages between 20-60 grams at least thrice each day. However, if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, it is important to limit its usage.

Neem Leaves For Dengue Fever

Drink Abundant Water For Dengue Fever

Drink lots of water to replace the fluid lost by the body due to dengue fever. This also helps in bringing down the temperature of the body.

Drink Lots Of Water

Avoid Solid Food For Dengue Fever

Avoid the consumption of solid foodstill the fever has subsided. Instead, supplement your diet with lots of juices and distilled water.

Avoid Solid Food

Coriander Leaves For Dengue Fever

The coriander leaves can be consumed in tonic form for reducing the fever caused due to dengue.

Coriander Leaves For Dengue Fever

Kamamachi For Dengue Fever

This is a kind of syrup which should be consumed in the form of a cooling and soothing drink to remove negative toxins, which are built up in the body due to dengue attack and purify it. Drinking 2 cups of this syrup daily, when suffering from dengue fever.

Kamamachi For Dengue Fever

Vitamin C For Dengue Fever

Vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C such as Amla (embellica officinalis) should be consumed as much as possible as it helps in proper absorption of iron.

Eating fresh fruits

Basil Leaves For Dengue Fever

Boil basil leaves in water for some time and then drink in the form of tea to prevent dengue outbreak. This pungent and bitter herb contains numerous properties which helps in strengthening the body’ immune system against fever and other infections. Alternatively, you can also chew 10-15 leaves of the basic plant twice each day.

Basil Leaves For Dengue Fever

Papaya Juice For Dengue Fever

Papaya juice is a famous natural cure for treating dengue fever. Juice extracted from papaya leaf is also known to cure platelet deficiency effectively.

Papaya Juice For Dengue Fever

Fenugreek Leaves For Dengue Fever

Take fenugreek leaves in the form of herbal tea to reduce dengue fever. This tea works as a cleansing and soothing beverage for the human body.

Fenugreek Leaves

Pomegranate Juice For Dengue Fever

Pomegranate and black grape juice helps in increasing blood count to a great extent.

Pomegranate Juice