4 Natural Remedies For Rosacea

Natural Remedies For Rosacea

Rosacea is one of the acute conditions which are depicted by redness of face. Some people also consider it as a form of acne. Earlier it was very difficult to distinguish an acne from rosacea. But so is not a case today.

Natural Remedies For Rosacea

One can easily identify rosacea once you see the appearance of tiny visible blood cells in the skin. Even the cause of both acne and rosacea is different. While acne results due to a bacterial infection rosacea commonly erupts due to intake of hot and spicy food or sometimes due to stress and drinking of alcohol. The people who are affected by rosacea are generally found to be deficient in vitamin B and C also.

Though rosacea is typically harmless
until it affects the eyes but it is better that you get a treatment before it causes any major problem. The condition of rosacea affects both male and female but the women’s that too particularly in the age group of thirty to sixty become prone to this state more often.

Some home remedies can be quite useful in combating this chronic condition of facial redness

The first remedy includes using a potato mask which can be easily made by extracting the juice from potato and mixing it with fuller’s earth to make a thick paste. This is one of the effective healing masks for rosacea.

potato mask

The second remedy includes applying a thick paste made from yogurt and oatmeal on the face till it dries up. This mask will also help to reduce the condition of rosacea.


The third cure involves using a plum mask. For preparing this mask you will require to boil the plums and then mash them followed by adding some almond oil to it and then apply this paste on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes. Application of this mask regularly will help to diminish rosacea.

plum mask
You can also take a teaspoon of sulphur powder
and add around two tablespoon of fuller’s earth followed by mixing an egg white and some water to make a smooth and even paste.

This mixture is very effective against rosacea but people may develop a reaction for sulphur so one must always test whether the sulphur is suitable for your skin or not. For this you can try a patch test using this sample on the elbow or a small section of hands.

Egg white