Natural Remedies Urinary Tract Infection

Many people get affected due to urinary tract infection and complain of severe pain in the area which can make their life quite distressful.

Basically this disease involves the intrusion of bacteria in the urinary tract through the urethra and then spreads wide causing an infection in the kidney, ureter and urinary bladder along with the urethra itself. Though anybody can get affected by this urinary tract infection but women are more susceptible to this disease as compared to their male counterparts.

The chief cause for the higher frequency of bladder infections in women is ascribed to the shorter length of the urethra along with its closeness to the vagina and the anal area, where the bacteria liable for such infections are present.

This disease may prove fatal if it affects the kidney so it required that you restrict this disease from spreading apart in the very beginning only. Even an infection in the urinary bladder can result into development of cystitis which a very common problem is known to be faced by many women.

The most causes of Urinary Tract Infection involve entry of the bacteria in the fecal matter into the opening of the urethra. Other common reason that are attributed to UTI are sexual intercourse where the penis which may end up pushing the bacteria into the urethra or holding on an urge to urinate.

Women using diaphragm are more susceptible for getting urinary tract infection due to suppression of the natural flora of friendly bacteria which results in permitting the harmful bacteria to thrive and flourish.

Some home remedies can be helpful to treat these urinary tract infections and give you respite from the pain and the bacteria itself.

The first remedy involves using baking soda. You will require a glass of water in which you need to add half a teaspoon of the baking soda and have it. Presence of the baking soda in your body system will result in maintaining the acid –base balance and prevent the bacteria from thriving further.

The second cure calls for drinking water and fluids. The fluid intake will in turn flush out the unnecessary substances and toxins from the body making your body cleaned up. If you choose fruit or vegetable juice it can also provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals in order to boost up your immunity to fight off the bacterial infection occurring in the urinary tract.

You can make use of cranberry juice in order to treat urinary tract infection as it prohibits the bacteria to cling on the cell lining surface of the urinary tract and the fluids present also help to flush out these bacteria out of the body more easily.

One thing to remember I that one should only make use of the freshly prepared cranberry juice as the packaged one have a large amount of dietary sugars added to them which can aggravate the problem of infection as these bacteria flourish on sugars.

The fourth medication for reducing pain involves using essential oils by mixing together essential like sandalwood, bergamot, tea tree, frankincense and juniper in equal proportions and then rubbing this mixture over the bladder area. Massage with this oil will help to subside the pain associated with UTI.