Natural Remedy For Blackheads


A have you noticed a yellowish or black color plug on the surface of your skin. Then you can be having a blackhead problem which has its origin due to excessive oil accumulating in the ducts of the sebaceous glands.The most commonly found substance in these bumps or plugs are the keratin along with some modified secretions of the sebaceous glands which further gets oxidized to change the into  darker color and hence give a black color to the blackheads. The pollution in the environment plays a key role to worsen the effect of the appearance of these blackheads.

Remedies For Blackheads

The opening of the blackheads follicles are much larger than that of a normal hair follicle and therefore these blackheads are also termed as open comedones.Blackheads are ubiquitous that they can be found anywhere in the body and mark their appearance on the face, chest, back or any other body part.

Some commonly tried and tested natural remedies can help you to get rid of these blackheads without much of a problem. Besides being natural these methods are also handy and can be availed at home.

For treating a blackhead the foremost thing you can do is to mix a teaspoon each of groundnut oil along fresh lime juice and apply this mixture on your face. Frequent use of this mixture will prevent the occurrence of blackheads.

groundnut oil

For the second remedy you can make a paste of red sandalwood which is commonly referred as rakt-chandan along with turmeric and milk and apply this fusion on the affected parts that have blackheads can prove beneficial in getting rid of blackheads.

Rakt chandan

The third cure calls for using pods and leaves of drumsticks and grinding them in a blender. Further, you can add fresh lemon juice to his blend and apply on the blackheads.

leaves of drumsticks

Some people also mix hot water and Epsom salt along with a few drops of iodine to prepare a concoction .They generally cool down the mixture and use a cotton wool to apply the mix on the blackhead and leave it till the mixture dries up. The mixture is then gently removed with the help of a wash cloth.

Epsom salt

The fifth remedy involves using fenugreek seeds. These seeds are dipped in water for about an hour or so and then grinded to make a paste which can be applied on the face and kept for about fifteen minutes. You can then wash your face with warm water. This will help to remove the excess oil along with preventing the emergence of the blackheads.

fenugreek seeds

You can also treat the blackheads by applying a poultice made of grated potatoes on the skin or can opt for almond powder mixed in rose water to remove these blackheads.

grated potatoes