Natural Remedy For Bleeding Gums

Are you prone to regular bleeding from gums or only sometimes when you brush your teeth then you might be facing the problem of a gum disease. The reasons for the occurrence of bleeding gums can be numerous but the most common of them is the insufficiency at your part to remove the plaque  from the teeth along the gum line.

Bleeding Gums

In case, this plaque is not removed within time then it starts to harden up and take the shape of a tartar. This will ultimately lead to increase amount of gum bleeding.

Though bleeding gums do not always indicate a serious disease but neglecting it can lead to turning it into a more serious form of periodontal diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis.

Other common causes of bleeding gums include deficiency of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin K in your food intake habits. Deficiency of vitamin C is also associated with a disease named scurvy.

deficiency of vitamin C

Many pregnant women also can face the problem of blood emerging out of gums due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Even brushing too hard or choosing a brush with hard bristles for gums which are sensitive can aggravate the problem.

Though various medications are available against bleeding gums you can always try a hand on some of the commonly tried natural remedies can help you in subsiding the problem of bleeding gums.

One of the most effectual routine for getting rid of bleeding gum problem can be adopted by rubbing a paste on the gums which is formed by mixing oak herbal powder with peppermint leaves powder, clove powder and myrrh herbal powder with some water.


For the second cure you can follow an age old technique of massaging the gums with the help of clove oil.

Incorporation of Vitamin C enriched fruits like Indian gooseberry, orange and other citrus fruits can also prove beneficial in this regard.

Vitamin C

For the fourth remedy people sometimes add a few drops of tee tree oil in their regular toothpaste and brush along with it. The tee tree oil has been proved for its advantageous properties to fight against gum problems.

The fifth cure calls for gargling using a potion made from triphala and lukewarm water. Even regular intake of cranberry juice has proved to be useful in fighting the gum problems.

The sixth remedy involves using bamboo tabashir which consists of an active ingredient silica which is known for preventing dental cavity formation along with subsiding many gum problems. You can also massage your gums with a mixture of sage oil, salt and peppermint. Using this mixture will abate the problem of bleeding gums.