Natural Remedy for Boils

The presence of boils can make your life hell especially if they are present in unwanted regions like buttocks which won’t allow you to sit comfortably for doing a work. Teenagers and youngsters are generally prone to boils where a localized pus filled swelling erupts on the skin.

Remedies for Boils

The cause of this infection is in fact bacterial which infects the sweat glands or hair follicles of the skin .Various toxic elements present in the blood due to intake of a malnourished diet and present lifestyle forms the key for the growth of this bacteria and resulting into flaring up of boils.

The boils generally start up with a formation of a nodule that is red in color and continues to grow and finally it is filled up with pus. A single boil or multiple boils can be present in a particular area or they can also be widespread i.e. located at different areas of the body. Some common areas include the nose, ears, buttocks and thighs.

Formation of nudule

When these boils get ripen they release a discharge which is quite foul smelling. These boils can cause a lot of irritation and itchiness along with a feeling to scratch and scratching these boils can only deteriorate the problem.

Some natural remedies are known to work for healing the boils and if you practice these you can very well get rid of them.

The foremost cure is by grinding the soaked cumin seeds in water to make a paste and then applying it on the boils to ripen the boils and then evacuate the pus.

cumin seeds

The second natural remedy is brought about with the usage of bitter gourd and it is recommended that you have juice of bitter gourd mixed with some lemon juice for a few months. This will eliminate the toxic substances in the blood and purify it thereby discontinue the frequent occurrence of the boils.

Bitter gourd

The third cure calls for the use of juice from garlic or onion to be applied on the boils and help them to ripe faster and withdraw the pus more rapidly.

garlic or onion

The fourth cure can be administered by the using lemon juice. This is done by soaking bread in lemon juice and wraps it around the boil with the help of loose bandage. This will also help to get rid of boils.

lemon juice

For the fifth cure you can roast a few roots of turmeric and dissolve the ashes left in a cup of water. Applying this solution can also result in healing of the boils faster and no scars are left behind.