Natural Remedy for Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where there is failure on the part of an organism to recognize its own self and to generate an immune response against it.

Remedies for celiac

Basically this response is generated due to frequent intake of gluten proteins found in food sources like wheat, barley and rye which leads to shorten the villi lining of the small intestine and thereby reduce the absorption of nutrients.

If this disease is not deal with in time it can lead to several other diseases like anemia and osteoporosis due to the lack of absorption of nutrients from the food. This disease is also known as gluten enteropathy or gluten intolerance.


Since celiac disease is apparent as a malady of digestive system the person generally display the symptoms like vomiting, and weakness along with a bloated abdomen and diarrhea.


One can easily find a cure to the celiac disease with the help of some natural cures that are basically simple methods available from your kitchen source and do not involve harmful chemicals thereby preventing any side effects to arise due to their use.

The first remedy which is the most important one is to follow a gluten free diet. Since gluten is not an essential compound to be a part of a person’s diet, you can easily avoid the food containing gluten.

Some of the commonly used commodity that are used to replace the wheat and barley are maize, millet, buckwheat  and rice as they are excellent source for carbohydrates and are devoid of gluten. You need to follow this diet routine for lifetime as further intake of gluten can reverse back the situation anytime.

Gluten food

The second remedy involves the intake of yogurt everyday as it will help to hustle the curative process. In the mean time when your digestive system is functioning properly you can also avoid the hot and spicy food along with limiting the fat intake.


The third remedy calls for having a diet that includes vegetables and fruits to provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals along with some natural fibers.

Vegetable and fruit

The fourth remedy can be brought about by saying no to alcoholic drinks especially the whisky and beer prepared of grains containing gluten.

Avoid alcohol

The fifth medication involves the use of goldenseal herb hand an extract from the leaves of olive in order to correct the working of the immune system. These herbs have given effective results for treating celiac. However doctors should be consulted before any of these herbs.

Leaves of olive

The sixth cure involves intake of pickled ginger due to curative properties against the inflammations of the intestine caused by celiac.


You can also drink horsetail tea for about three times a day in order to treat this disease as it helps to reduce the swelling and help to cure the celiac disease.

Horsetail tea