Natural Remedy For Corns on Feet

Many people have faced the problem of corns which emerge as a result of wearing ill fitted shoes and sandals that cause formation of small, rounded dead mass or lump on the toes. Actually these ill fitted shoes or wearing high heels exert a pressure on the toes and this pressure can lead to serious affects on the body; so the body in turn shows a counter effect in order to prevent more pressure to develop, and results in piling up of dead skin and thus stimulate the production of keratin in these areas leading to, developing of corn.

The corns usually appears to be yellow, grayish or white in color and seen more frequently on the dorsal side of the thumb and the tiny finger of the feet as these are the areas where the maximum amount of pressure is developed with the shoes being tight.So in order to treat these corns some natural remedies can prove helpful.

The basics of treatment start with getting rid of these ill fitted shoes and slipping into comfortable ones as the pressure developed by these shoes are the real cause of problem. You are also recommended to monitor and change your walking style as it can also lead to development of pressure at these points.

The second cure starts with applying a mixture of liquorices sticks extract and sesame oil on the affected areas where corns have developed. It will help to soften the corns along with causing reduction in their size.

The third cure requires the application of paste of papaya made by grinding it and applying it to the affected areas.

For the fourth remedy the bulbs of the Indian squill are roasted and tied on the corn with the help of a bandage and kept overnight. This has proved to be a good remedy for treating corns.

Another noteworthy natural remedy is brought into action by using a slice of lemon on the affected area and tying it down with a bandage.

The green figs has proved to be a valuable source in the treatment of corns where the milky juice exuding out of them are used to soften the corns. The corns are treated by applying this juice on them for at least two to three times a day.