Natural Remedy For Dark Lips


Appearance of dark lips has become common because of our present lifestyle conditions where makeup forms a regular part of our daily routine practice whether going to attend a party, an official meeting or for other office purpose.Dark Lips

The application of these lipsticks for longer period of time so it can’t able to breathe can result into dark color lips . Even some ingredients found in the lower grade lipsticks can prove harmful for our lips. The condition of dark lips can also result due to usage of expired or frosty lipsticks. Even people who are open to smoking regularly also have darker shades of lips.

Some natural remedies will help to lighten the shade of your lip color without many hassles and pain so you can always try them out against any expensive methods for lip color rectification.

The foremost thing you should do is to get rid of those cheap and frosty lipsticks you are using and they will only worsen the problem and make your lips darker.

For the second remedy you can almond oil on your lips and keep it for half an hour and wash it off. This will not only help to lighten the lip color but also provide necessary nourishment to your lips. If almond oil is not present you can also grind five almonds with cream and milk and apply the same. This will also prove beneficial in lightening the lip color.

almond oil

Always keep your lips uncovered for a period of time that is take some days off when you don’t put your lipsticks and even remove the makeup properly so no chemical is left overnight on your lips.

The fourth option includes the usage of a concoction made up of honey, lemon juice and glycerin. Apply this mixture regularly on your lips to lighten lips color.

The fifth cure calls for using a natural organic moisturizer to moisturize your lips. Though, honey is the best natural moisturizer that can work a wonder for lightening darker shade lips even clarified butter has been used effectively for the same purpose.

Avoid the usage of cigarettes along with caffeine rich beverages that can also cause darkening of your lip color.

The sixth cure calls for using juices of beetroot, coriander and pomegranate and applying on the lips.

Always do remember to apply a sunscreen on your lips to protect it from the UV rays as they are also one of the concerns for darker lips.

apply a sunscreen