6 Natural Remedies For Heat Rash

6 Natural Remedies For Heat Rash

Have you ever experienced tiny red eruptions all over your back with a terrible prickly sensation troubling you during the summer season when the sun heat is unbearable and causes a lot of sweat and perspiration to arise? Then you are suffering from a heat rash experience.

6 Natural Remedies For Heat Rash

Basically, the body makes use of the perspiration mechanism in order to cool down the body temperature when the surrounding temperature is on the rise. But in cases when the normal temperature is quite above the temperature generally experienced by the body there is a rise in the body temperature as well and this lead to swelling of the skin and also plug the skin pores or sweat glands in the body and when the sweat is trickled inside the skin by these blocked sweat glands heat rashes are developed. These conditions are also aggravated if you choose to wear a tight fitted outfit or synthetically made fabrics.
Some natural remedies can help you to avoid the condition of heat rash and also to get relief if you already have got one.

Firstly, you can have a bath with cold water in order to cool up the body or move to a corner of the house where the temperature is considerably low due to air-conditioners, fan or coolers.

Cold water bath

Secondly, if you have already got a heat rash you can apply an ice pack on the affected area to get relief from acerbic and prickly sensation. For this you can pack some ice in poly-bag and wrap it with cheesecloth and apply it every six hours.

Apply ice pack

Thirdly, you can also try and add baking powder to the water and pour in this mixed water into a tub and soak your back or any affected area with heat rash for some time. This is a wonderful remedy to reduce the itching. You can also try and opt for oatmeal powder rather than using baking powder.

Baking Powder

Fourthly, you can get some unscented absorbing powders and dust them on these areas. This will help in absorbing the sweat and reduce the occurrence of heat rash.


Fifthly, you can try and use Aloe Vera gel. Applying this gel on the affected areas can reduce the scratchy sensation along with providing a cooling effect.

Aloe Vera gel

Sixthly, you should avoid wearing tight fitted clothes and cloth material like nylon or rayon and rather opt for natural fibers like cotton that are breathable and also dries up at a faster rate.

Loose Clothes