Natural Remedy For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are basically the swollen and bloated veins in the area starting from the rectum reaching the anus. This condition is also referred as piles and is associated with itching, soreness and sometimes even bleeding.

Hemorrhoids can occur due to many reasons chiefly constipation or intake of low fiber diet along with lifting heavy objects or having spicy food for a longer period are of major concern. But the most common occurrence is found in females undergoing a pregnancy.

Some natural and homemade remedies can help you to reduce the pain and itching along with decreasing the soreness and swelling of the veins in the anus.

The foremost thing is to add fiber rich food to your diet in order to improve the bowel movements as constipation is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids and the occurrence of constipation can ever deteriorate the condition of piles. For this you should include foods like avocado, cabbage,beans and green peas which are a rich source of fibers.

Avoid having oily and spicy rich foods as they can aggravate the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

The third remedy includes the intake of water soaked figs. For this you can simply soak four to six figs in water at night and have them in the morning as well as evening in equal quantities. Regular intake of figs will help to get rid of piles in a long run.

The fourth cure calls for using white radish. For this you can either grate a radish or use radish juice and intake it mixed with honey. Another way of using radish for treating hemorrhoids is to have the radish juice with some black salt. Topical application of grated radish mixed with milk can reduce the pain and inflammation in the anal region.

For the fifth medication you can simply make an infusion by boiling one and a half teaspoon of sesame seeds in two cups of water and strain it. This is one of the effective home remedy for treating piles.

Application of cold compress or sitting in a tub of cold water can help to shrivel the veins thereby proves helpful in combating the problem of hemorrhoids by giving some relief.

The seventh cure calls for using cumin seeds both for internal intake as well as external application. For the intake purpose you need to roast a tablespoon of cumin seeds and mix it with a tablespoon of raw cumin seeds. Regular intake of about half a teaspoon of the mixture will be effective.

As for topical application you can make a paste of cumin seeds with some water and apply it to the affected area. This will reduce the itching and pain and bring about some comfort.