Natural Remedy for Higher Cholesterol in Blood

These days due to change in our lifestyles, eating  habits and change in the sleeping pattern all have given rise to increased number of diseases which prove to be a health risks. One such risk is heart attack or stroke and the major cause of this is the presence of higher level of cholesterol in blood.The main cause of higher cholesterol level in blood is genetic factors.

It is also caused by consuming oily and fried foods, excessive consumption of milk and milk products and non-vegetarian foods. The risk of hypercholesterolemia increases in people who are prone to smoking, drinking and leading a stressful life.

Blood cholesterol is known to be present along with certain lipids hence they are referred as lipoproteins. Basically two types of lipoproteins are known to exist in the body namely the low density lipoprotein (LDL) and the high density lipoprotein (HDL).

It is actually the LDL which is considered to be a harmful among the two lipoproteins and the higher is the ratio of LDL to the total cholesterol present in the body the higher is the chance of arterial damage by cholesterol deposit in the blood vessel and higher still risk of, heart attack.

HDL on the other hand works in antagonistic way and helps to remove the cholesterol from circulation thereby reducing the chances of a heart attack.

So here are some home remedies which are natural and can facilitate reduction of cholesterol level and help in keeping our heart healthy.

The first recommended treatment includes the incorporation of lecithin containing food stuffs in your diet as this fatty food substance has the capability to break down cholesterol into smaller particles which is efficiently handled by our body.

Lecithin is also known to produce bile acids from cholesterol there by reducing its presence in the blood. Some of the commonly known food stuffs that are rich in lecithin are soy beans, wholegrain cereals, egg yolk and unpasteurized milk and vegetable oils.

The second method includes intake of a fiber rich diet including food stuffs like wheat bran, oats, carrot, celery and cabbage. These food stuffs can help in lowering the cholesterol and LDL lipoprotein.

For the third cure, a decoction is prepared by boiling coriander seeds in water and straining it. The regular intake will help in lowering the blood cholesterol.

The fourth cure calls for substituting sunflower seeds in place of the solid fats like butter and ghee. The sunflower seeds contain a high amount of linoleic acids which prove useful to lower down the cholesterol level in blood.

Eating a vitamin B and Vitamin E rich diet as both of these vitamins has shown excellent results with regards to lowering down the cholesterol level in blood.