Natural Remedy for Incresing Appetite

Are you suffering from loss of appetite or decreased urge of having food resulting into general weakness.The reasons can be numerous.Generally a person loose his appetite when he falls sick,however other reasons like constipation,lack of exercise along with smoking and drinking can also lead to decrease in appetite.

Increasing appetite

Even psychological factors like undergoing depression of having a low self esteem can further increase your chances of loosing your  desire to have food. Some simple natural remedies can help to regain your appetite.

The first cure calls for using lime and ginger. You can take five teaspoon of lime juice and five ginger juices and add one teaspoon rock salt to it and place it in the sun continuously for three days. Taking a teaspoon of this preparation after each meal daily will be a useful method in order to revive your lost appetite.

Lime and ginger

The second treatment can be brought about by using a decoction formed by boiling half teaspoon cardamoms powder in a cup of water for a minute followed by cooling it and then straining it .Taking a tablespoon of this decoction after every 15 minutes till the symptoms vanishes is considered a valuable remedy for increasing appetite.


The third remedial medication involves drinking of coriander and tomato juice to enhance the desire to eat.

coriander and tomato juice

For the fourth remedy we can use powder form of the roasted caraway seeds and swallow with the help of hot water.This will naturally increase your appetite.

caraway seeds

It is also recommended to include guava in your diet as they will help to sharpen your appetite.


Even garlic is known for its property to stimulate the digestive tendencies of a human body and thereby improves our desire for food. For the intake of garlic you can simply add three to four cloves of garlic in boiling water and make a decoction. When you have to take this decoction you only need to add some fresh lime juice and gulp it up.


For the seventh cure you can ground some ginger and simply lick it up with some rock salt. The ginger also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and thereby increases the appetite.

Mix ginger and rock salt

A mixture can also be formed by mixing four teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of rock salt .You can have this  mixture after your meal with warm water.This will also prove a good method to increase your appetite.

Mixer sugar and rock salt